1987-1991 Ford Bricknose Trucks

1989 Ford F150 Bricknose at Meramec State Park Group Site B

OBS F150, F250, F350, and Broncos

Every classic Ford truck fan has their favorite Ford OBS body style. Whether you are cuckoo for the Bullnose F150 (1980-1986), couldn’t imagine life without your Bricknose Bronco (1987-1991), or finally found your elusive Aero Nose F350 (1992-1997) there are just things that make your truck better than all the rest. At Jeff’s Bronco Graveyard, we couldn’t agree more. What makes your Ford truck special to you, makes your truck better than the rest.

From the Bullnose to the Bricknose

1991 Ford Bronco Bricknose Red

Today’s OBS spotlight blog is going to be on the Bricknose Ford trucks. In 1987 Ford discontinued the Bullnose Ford F-Series trucks to make way for the new, more square front end, taking on the moniker, Bricknose. And it’s plain to see why. The redesign of the OBS grille, hood, and bumper area gave this truck a new look but those weren’t the only changes. With some pretty major upgrades to the ford truck interior for all models, you didn’t have to have the fully loaded XLT Lariat to get all the goodies anymore. Also, the drivetrain came with 4 gears instead of the standard 3 and by 1988 all engines were switched to EFI (Electric Fuel Injection).

EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection): The REAL OBS Upgrade

1990 Ford Bricknose Bronco red

Some will try to argue that the EFI wasn’t a step forward for these iconic Ford truck engines but with a more efficient combustion process that’s cleaner and more easily regulated, you get higher horsepower with better fuel efficiency. You also get a faster throttle response which makes your truck faster off the line, with no hesitations or delays. Not to mention how many more options are available to upgrade your fuel delivery system and increase your horsepower even further. It’s important to mention that the Ford truck EFI was introduced in 1985 but became standard in 1988. So this started in the Bullnose and made its way to the Bricknose.

Classic Ford Bronco and F-Series Truck Restoration

1990 Bricknose Ford Bronco front grille red

Whether you are rocking a Ford OBS Dentside, a Bumpside, Bullnose, Bricknose, Aero Nose, or any other Ford truck or SUV from 1966 to 2023 Jeff’s Bronco Graveyard has the parts you need. In Fact, we are your one-stop shop for Ford Bronco restoration and performance parts. We also carry a large selection of repair and performance parts for Ford F150s, F250s, F350s, and so much more. Check out the difference at Broncograveyard.com.

How-Videos For Fixing OBS Ford Trucks and Broncos

1990 Bricknose Bronco Driver side red

For fantastic How-To videos on fixing classic Broncos from 1980 to 1996, please check out our friend’s YouTube channel over at Bronco Parts Garage. They provide useful tips on how to properly remove door panels, fix your cold air intake, rebuild tailgates, reinforce interior door handles and so much more.

How-to Remove Door Panels on OBS Ford Trucks and Broncos: Instructional Video