1967-1972 Ford Truck F100s

Black 1971 Ford Bumpside Truck in Black - Photo by Sicnag Photograph by Sicnag

The Iconic "Bumpside" Ford Trucks: A Nostalgic Ride Down Memory Lane

Gearheads and classic car enthusiasts, buckle up! Today, we're diving into the world of the iconic Bumpside Ford truck, a beloved machine that captured hearts and turned heads during a pivotal era in automotive history. The 1967-1972 Ford trucks.

What exactly is a Bumpside?

The term "Bumpside" refers to the fifth generation of the Ford F-Series trucks, produced from 1967 to 1972. These trucks earned their nickname thanks to the distinctive raised body line that ran along the sides, resembling a continuous "bump" from front to back. This design element wasn't just for aesthetics; it added structural reinforcement for increased toughness, a quality highly valued by Ford truck owners of the time.

More Than Just a Bump:

Blue 1967 Ford Bumpisde work truck - By dave_7
Photograph by dave_7

But the Bumpside Ford truck wasn't just about its defining feature. These trucks boasted a wider stance compared to previous generations, giving them a muscular and imposing presence on the road. The interior also received an upgrade, offering a more car-like experience with improved comfort and amenities.

Under the Hood:

Under the hood, Bumpside F-Series trucks came equipped with a variety of motor options, ranging from frugal inline-sixes to powerful V8 engines for Ford trucks. This ensured there was a Bumpside to suit every need and preference, whether it was hauling cargo, cruising the highway, or venturing off-road.

A Legacy of Toughness and Style:

Yellow Bumpside Truck

The Bumpside era marked a significant shift in truck design, moving away from purely utilitarian vehicles towards machines that offered both functionality and style. Their ruggedness and good looks made them popular not just for work, but also for leisure and personal expression. Today, restored Bumpsides remain highly sought-after classics, cherished by collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Red Bumpside tow truckPhotograph by RJLuna2

Beyond the Basics:

  • Production years: 1967-1972
  • Nickname origin: Distinctive raised body line along the sides
  • Key features: Wider stance, rugged design, improved interior, multiple engine options
  • Legacy: Influential truck design, blending functionality and style, popular classic car

Whether you're a hardcore gearhead or simply appreciate timeless design, the Bumpside Ford truck holds a special place in automotive history. Its unique blend of toughness, practicality, and style continues to resonate with enthusiasts today, keeping this legendary truck firmly on the road of our collective memory.

Red and blue bumpside Truck illustration