Affordable New Bronco Upgrades (2021-Present)

New Yellow 2021 Bronco with Squatch Package and 2.5 Inch Lift

Buying a New Bronco?

Let’s face it, you’re going to pay anywhere from $35,000 to $80,000 for a new Ford Bronco. This ranges from base to “fully loaded” but there always seems to be more items you can add and finance at the dealership. So, who knows what the top price is for one of these rigs when all is said and done? This means higher principal payments that you’re making, higher taxes finances, and more interest. It doesn’t sound like a lot at the beginning of the finance program. “You’re only paying $95.00 more per month for that lift kit. How can you beat that?”

Vehicle Loans and Interest Rates?

Well, in the 4th quarter of 2023, the average interest rate of a NEW vehicle loan was 7.3% for 84 months. Used vehicles finance at a much higher rate of around 11.5% for 84 months. Used 2021-2024 Broncos do not sell for much less than the brand new ones do. An upgraded suspension from the dealer can cost you anywhere from 7,500 to 12,000 more than the sticker price of your vehicle. Let’s call it 9,000 as a safe average.

Vehicle Financing Tips and Monthly Payment Calculator

Loan Calculator Screenshot

Using a car loan calculator, you can easily see what you’re going to pay for a new vehicle. This is a VERY useful tool to calculate your budget before you walk into the dealership. Things to consider in your budget before you enter a dealership:

  • Decide your maximum monthly payment over how many months you want to pay.
    • Most loans have options for 60 months (5 years), 72 months (6 years), or 84 months (7 years).
  • Extra line items and paperwork fees.
    • These add up fast and can tack on a few thousand dollars to your price and are usually a total surprise that you don’t know about until you sit down to do paperwork.
      • Call your dealership and ask them what their extra fees are before walking in because they vary.
    • Car cleaning/detailing fees, title filing fees, making copies of paperwork (yes, some charge for this)
    • Taxes
      • Figure out the vehicle sales tax percentage for your state and include that in your vehicle price.

Loan Calculator and Amortization Calendar

On a $60,000 loan (this includes tax, suspension upgrades, extra office fees, etc) at 7.5% interest over 84 months, you will pay around $81,500 total for your $45k-$50k vehicle. Shorter-term loans usually mean you will pay less by the time the loan is paid off, but it will be more monthly.

Affordable Upgrades for New Broncos

Now knowing what you are paying for a new vehicle already, why pay more for upgrades than you need to? With online distributors like Jeff’s Bronco Graveyard, you will find better prices and a bigger selection of upgraded Bronco parts than you will ever find at a dealership.

Bronco and Ranger Lift Kits

2019 Ranger with 2.5 Inch Lift

If you plan to take your new G.O.A.T off-road Bronco or Ranger rig overlanding, you may need to give its height boost of an inch or six to get over the roots, branches, rocks, and other obstacles in your way. You can buy aftermarket lift kits for Broncos and Rangers from online sources and save money over factory installations.

Running Boards and Steps for Broncos and Ford Rangers

If you get that right lift you’re going to need new Ford truck nerf bars, running boards, or steps to match the new height. Unless, of course, you plan to get a running start every time you take her for a drive.

Performance and Off-Road Lights

“Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads?” But performance and off-road lights might be a good idea. Running down into the woods or over rough terrain, you better be able to see all obstacles in your way. That’s why you can save money by buying aftermarket off-road lights for your Bronco or Ranger. The accessories you also need, like aftermarket pillar mounts, bumper mount brackets, wiring, etc can be found online at lower costs than factory installed.

Bronco Grilles and Grille Guards

Tougher Ford grilles, bumper grille guards, and other Bronco body armor and body accessories like Ford truck fender flares, and skid plates to protect the undercarriage are important and affordable upgrades for your new Bronco or Ford Ranger. These not only make the vehicle look extra touch but they protect your investment by preventing scratches, dents, dings, and damages to the mechanical components.

Wheels and Wheel Accessories

Off-Road Wheels for Ford Broncos

No off-road rigs are complete without proper Ford truck off-road wheels, tires, and wheel accessories. Give your new Bronco or Ford Ranger an extra sleek and rugged look with chunky off-road tires, heavy-duty performance rims, and shiny beadlock trim.

Performance and Off-Road Bumpers for Broncos and Rangers

These Ford Bronco off-road bumpers COULD fall under Bronco armor BUT we feel they deserve a paragraph of their own. These bumpers are tough and add an extra rugged aesthetic to your Bronco or Ranger. They are engineered to absorb low-speed impact and distribute the jarring shock across the surface of the bumper to prevent extra damage to the frame, fenders, grille, headlights, and hood. There are also rear performance bumpers for new Broncos, too.

These bumpers also come in a lot of varieties that provide options for off-road recovery, winch plates and mounts, D-ring brackets, front and rear hitch receivers and so much more.

Bronco Flag Mounts, Dune Flags, Racks, and Other Accessories

New Bronco Flag Mount

Talk about affordable accessories! How about Bronco hood flag mounts for under $20? Or dune flag kits with collapsible poles for under $60? Replacement Bronco Dune flags and general non-branded dune flags are available for $15. Some states like Michigan require a dune flag mounted at over 10’ off the ground when off-roading for safety reasons. Between these items, aftermarket roof racks for Broncos, and chase racks for Rangers at competitive prices, you will save money switching from factory-installed parts.

Chase Rack on New Ford Ranger

Final Financing Thoughts

When you finance a vehicle and all the accessories you want, remember that you are paying the current interest rate on each item. This means you aren’t just paying the list price over the next 5, 6, or 7 years. You are paying way more than what that item is worth, and you don’t get that back when you trade in or sell your vehicle.

Know What You’re Buying, What It’s Worth, and What You’re Paying at the End of Your Loan

  • Always walk in educated on the average cost of the vehicle you want with the amenities you are looking for.
  • If you must add accessories always get a detailed list of the items and their costs and ask what the total cost of the vehicle is after the loan is paid off.
  • You also want to contact your insurance company for an estimate so you know what your monthly or 6-month rate will be.
    • Pro tip: Shopping around for new auto insurance every two to three years will usually get you a better insurance rate.
    • Let your current insurance company know that you're shopping around and they might give you a better rate.

This way you can make an informed decision on what is one of the largest personal purchases and investments you will make. There will also be no surprises when you get your monthly statements.