How To Fix a Broken Door Handle

OBS Ford Trucks and Broncos 1980-1996

Bronco Graveyard is happy to partner with Bronco Parts Garage on these tutorial videos and how-to clips, specific to OBS Ford Trucks. In this how-to video, you will learn the real reason your OBS Ford Truck or Bronco's interior door handle breaks and what you can do to fix that door handle permanently. The 1980-1996 Ford truck and Bronco door handle reinforcement bracket found in this video is available at, along with just about everything else you need to repair or upgrade your OBS Ford truck.

Thank you for watching this video on how to fix a broken interior door handle on an OBS ford truck and Bronco. The reinforcement plate fits the years 1980-1996 Ford trucks. For Bronco and OBS Ford restoration and repair parts shop Bronco Graveyard now and please subscribe to our friends' Youtube Channel over at Bronco Parts Garage.