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New Product Spotlight: 2005-2008 Ford Super Duty Turbo Up Pipe

2005-2008 Ford Super Duty Turbo Driver Side Up Pipe

The turbo up pipes on a 2005-2008 Ford SuperDuty pickup trucks with a 6.0L engine and a 2005 Ford Excursionhave been know to crack and rust.  If you need a replacement, Bronco Graveyard has you covered.  Our first featured product for September is a driver side turbo up pipe from Dorman Industries.  The stainless steel tubular construction allows for for long lasting performance and protection again warping. More like a complete kit, this new direct replacment, exact fit turbo up pipe includes gaskets and mounting hardware for a complete installation.

Whether it is a minor repair or complete restoration, you’ll find everything right here to meet your Ford Bronco or F-Series truck needs. Jeff’s Bronco Graveyard has the best selection of the highest-quality replacement and aftermarket parts for your classic Ford truck.  We’ve got your back with thousands of the hardest-to-find parts at great prices. If you need any help choosing the right parts, give our experts a call or send us an email. Take a look around and see what we’ve got for your truck today.

  • Posted on   09/05/17 at 06:19:57 PM   by Hedges  | 
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