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New Product Spotlight: D44 Spicer SAE-4340 Nickel Chromoly Steel Axle Set

D44 Spicer SAE-4340 Nickel Chromoly Steel Axle Set

Hit the trails with confidence with a brand new D44 Spicer SAE 4340 Nickel Chromoly Steel Axle Set manufactured by the Dana Corporation. Available for the 1978-1979 Ford Bronco and 1976-1979 Ford F-150 truck, this nickel chromoly axle shaft are engineered to deliver added strength and durability for off-roading and vehicles with larger tires -- all while delivering the same performance you get from your original part.

You’ll find plenty more in our online catalog, too. Our selection of replacement parts and maintenance supplies for your classic Ford Bronco is second to none and always growing. We have your needs covered with hundreds of the best quality and hardest-to-find Ford Bronco and Full-Size Ford Truck parts at great prices. Shop Jeff’s Bronco Graveyard today and get started on your Ford Truck restoration

  • Posted on   11/10/16 at 09:29:42 PM   by Hedges  | 
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Posted in BG Product Feature

Reader Comments (4)

Mark 11/02/17 09:53:00 AM

Engineered for perfect quality go 4x4 romping and upgraded for use with bigger tires, Spicer nickel Chromoly hub shafts are the name individuals trust for their vehicles, including Jeep, Ford, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. uk assignment writing What's more, with OE quality incorporated with each Spicer part, you know you will get a pivot shaft that fits your rough terrain vehicle and conveys a similar execution you got from your unique part.

Evelyn 11/24/17 11:38:42 AM

Dana Corporation makes (or made) a wide range of size backside axles. They went from Dana 30, 44, 60, and so forth. Write My Paper For Me The higher the number, the bigger and more grounded the riggings, axles, course, and so on are. Most hello there po Mopars ran the Dana 60 backsides, and most 4x4 trucks utilize the Dana 44 for the front pivot.

Adrian 11/24/17 01:38:14 PM

D44 Spicer SAE-4340 Nickel Chromoly Steel Axle Set is a perfect tool I needed for edubirdie review as well. It is engineered to deliver added strength and durability, it works really well as well, good post share.

Adrian 11/25/17 10:31:35 AM

I'd state which this can be a an excellent publish of the excellent individual, i am very happy to observe this particular. internet

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