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New Product Spotlight: Glove Box Switch & Light Assembly

Every week this month we’ve been highlighting one of our great New Products for December to share with you. This week, we’re very excited to show you the brand new Glove Box Switch & Light Assembly for 1973-79 Ford F-Series trucks, and 1978-79 Ford Broncos. It’s widely known that the original lights and switches didn’t have a very long life, and after almost forty years, we’d be surprised if many still work. With our new switch and light assembly, you’re not going to have to keep a flashlight in your truck when you need to find something in the glove at night like a parking pass or, ahem, your registration. This assembly is great as the final touch to a flawless restoration or as that little detail to get back some functionality in your truck. If you head over to our New Products section, you can find this switch & light assembly along with our other featured products this month. Or, use the search bar at the top of the page and enter 27157.

Remember, whatever or accessory you’re looking for, you can find it here. We stock hundreds of the best quality and hardest-to-find parts that will help you maintain, service, and get your Bronco or full-size Ford truck back on the road in perfect working order. And we’re always adding more to our massive catalog so keep checking back to see the batch of exciting new products that you can only find here at the Bronco Graveyard.

  • Posted on   01/05/16 at 04:44:58 PM   by Trisha  | 
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Posted in BG Product Feature

Reader Comments (2)

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