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New Product Spotlight: Bronco Rear Spring Angle Blocks

This week, we’re going to be showcasing another great new product for December: our brand new Bronco Rear Spring Angle Blocks for the 1980-96 Ford Bronco. If you’ve got an older truck or have done any suspension work, you know that sometimes the axle U-bolts can break or work their way loose. When that happens, the angle blocks between the axle and leaf springs are free to move around and are often damaged. Our Bronco axle wedges are made especially for the Bronco Graveyard and cost much less than purchasing replacements directly from the manufacturer. This season, make sure your suspension is rock solid with a set of our affordable Bronco Rear Spring Angle Blocks. It costs just $29 for a side but is worth its weight in gold. These angle blocks replace Ford part number F3TZ-5729-A. You can use the search bar above and key in part number 33266 or find it along with our other new offerings in our New Products section.

Whatever it is that you’re looking for to maintain your classic Bronco or complete a restoration, you can find it at Jeff’s Bronco Graveyard. Our comprehensive selection of the best and hardest-to-find replacement parts and maintenance supplies for your Bronco or Ford Pickup truck, all conveniently in one place. And don’t forget, we’re always adding more to our catalog, so keep checking back every week for more updates!

  • Posted on   12/22/15 at 08:20:39 PM   by Trisha  | 
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Posted in BG Product Feature

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