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    Robert T

    1977 Ford F-150

    Has 26,000 miles on it. Has 36inch military tires. Its in the process of gettin a lift for alittle bigger tire. epainted the valve covers and breather flat black and re painted the block and heads Ford Blue.
    Robert T

    1993 Ford Bronco

    It got totalled the other day down the drivers side. It had 231,000 and just did a filter change in the tranny a week before but im gettin it back and gonna make a mean mudder out of it.
    Robert T

    1994 Ford F-150

    It has about 10,000 on the new motor and just repainted the engine gloss black with silver heads and gloss black valve covers and black oil pan and the upper and lower intakes are a silver and...More Details »
    Vehicles 1 - 3 of 3 << < Page 1 of 1 > >>