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    1973 F-100 4x4 460

    Not For Sale

    Larry S

    • Year:1973
    • Make:Ford
    • Model:F-100

    Engine : 460 truck block, Dove ported heads, Comp cam, Harmon sharp roller rockers, L&LHeaders 2.5" exhaust with Flowmasters, engine oil cooler. 4 tube HD radiatorHolley 770 Performer RPM intake MSD ignition with rev limiter.

    Drivetrain : , Detroit lockers front and rear, 3.50 gears, 3 shocks front each corner, 2 shocks each corner rear,Cepek tires, 33-16.50-15 on 12" wide Sendel wheels for sand running. These will also be run on my big block powered bronco. 33 x 12.50 are

    Transmission : 4 speed manual

    VIN : Not Listed

    The 73 Ford Ranger XLT F-100 with a 460 was built to be a sleeper for sand dune running. It has performed beyond expectations.
    "Old iron, Ford Tough"
    And the "new Ford vehicles" Built with out a bail out.

    Comments (16)

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    Reviewed by: Kevin C 12/05/07 06:26PM

    hey whats up sweet truck, i gotta E bronco two of em and i ride pismo every weekend check the beach out the week with the 30 foot waves they tore the beach up with some nice trenches

    Reviewed by: Larry S 12/05/07 08:44PM

    Hey Kevin, Heading down to Pismo later this month. Email me. I also have the 71 BBC Bronco listed this site

    Reviewed by: Brad R 12/08/07 04:47PM

    nice look'n rig. why would you have six shocks in the front? instead of wasting money on 3 pairs of rancho 5000's, throw them out and go get yourself a nice pair of bilstiens or king racing shocks instead.

    Reviewed by: Larry S 12/08/07 06:56PM

    Good observation. This truck was set up when the only choice of shocks were Monroe 500's and Rancho 7000's Truck is a dune toy and the shocks still function very well. The truck has been in storage for 10 years. I now have it running again and will take it to the beach just 2-3 times a year.

    Reviewed by: Shane R 04/07/08 04:39PM

    Sweet ride Larry! Can't wait to run with you at Pismo later this year. Take care!

    Reviewed by: Andres H 11/24/08 11:27AM

    nice piece of machinery. please check mine... i took the front axle of one of those and installed it in mine the gray and red one

    Reviewed by: R B 08/07/10 11:52PM

    awesome truck and pics

    Reviewed by: Jesus M 08/19/10 07:17PM

    beautiful truck

    Reviewed by: Michael H 08/29/10 08:59PM

    SWEET RIDE....

    Reviewed by: Larry S 09/12/10 09:26PM

    For years I use to run with a bright yellow camper shell over the bed when I ran the dunes. I could get any body or thing to run against me. To their surprise, this ranger beat them to the top. My son has a hot 73 Ford short bed that puts out 500 plus ponies and out powers me slightly so the camper comes off to save weight. If I can catch a better line up a dune or jump him off the line, the victory is mine. Dune running is lots of fun.

    Reviewed by: Scott F 09/09/10 01:49PM

    I love it, sleeper.....great looking Ford.

    Reviewed by: Thomas L 12/14/10 11:55AM

    hey whats up this is a sweet and nice truck. i goota 88 bronco 2

    Reviewed by: Leonard B 04/03/11 03:38PM

    very nice 73

    Reviewed by: Leonard B 05/06/11 03:47PM

    Very nice 73 I own a 73 ranger XLT 2WD version also a sleeper 351w with lots of mods.It makes mustangs think twice lol. But i also have my work in progress 1977 f150 4x4

    Reviewed by: Josh D 05/11/11 10:48PM

    nice truck dude looks like you did alot of work

    Reviewed by: Shane R 10/07/12 08:35AM

    Pismo was a fun trip Larry. I posted an interior picture of my 73 truck today. Will post more interior shots to show gauges and upgrades.