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    Broncogurl's Gold Digger®

    Not For Sale

    Julie R

    • Year:1995
    • Make:Ford
    • Model:Bronco

    Engine : 351W 5.8L

    Drivetrain : Dana 44 front and 8.8 rear with E4OD auto trans

    Transmission : no info

    VIN : no info

    9" lift (6" suspension and 3" body), 39.5" SS TSL Boggers with 4.56 JBG Yukon gears, 5-light bar, two soft tops, molded side steps, brush guard with fog lights, twin truckers/CB, air horn, pioneer CD with jensen 2,000 watt amp, etc.

    Comments (21)

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    Reviewed by: Alex T 02/07/07 04:06PM

    i like the paint

    Reviewed by: Brandon M 04/17/07 11:15AM

    u got a good lookin set up

    Reviewed by: Jj V 04/29/07 12:37AM

    Where did you find that 5 light bar???

    Reviewed by: Romeo U 05/07/07 04:52PM

    Love a Bronco on 39's very tight looking rig.

    Reviewed by: Sean M 07/16/07 03:11PM

    Hey definetly lovin the Bronco!! That thing is badass!! Definetly makes me wanna go with 39.5's or 40's next! Where did ya find the soft top for it?? I've been lookin everywhere and all the companies I find are outta business...

    Reviewed by: Julie R 10/21/07 04:45PM

    Thank you all for your comments! Well, sean, actually the soft top i had, i just sold it on ebay a few months ago. I would have sold it to you, sorry, i don't get on here as much as I want. Which truck is yours on here?

    Reviewed by: Josh T 10/22/07 03:39PM

    sick bronco i like it

    Reviewed by: Julie R 11/14/07 05:38PM

    Thanks Josh, it's my baby!! Which one is yours?

    Reviewed by: Shane R 11/16/07 03:07PM

    Nice BRONCO, the boggers looks cool. I have the 95 on 38.5 TSL SX's. Doin anything else or are you happy the way it is?

    Reviewed by: Josh T 11/19/07 06:14PM

    the 96 blue and white but for some reason my main pic is a red bronco lifted up

    Reviewed by: Julie R 11/22/07 01:57PM

    Thanks shane. Yeah I am pretty satisfied with my bko the way it is. But eventually i am going to repaint it, because the quarters and fenders need replaced, good ol bkos =). I bought it with the paint job it has and I would like to customize the paint for me, you know.

    Reviewed by: Josh T 12/03/07 07:37PM

    hey julie on your truck when you turn do the tires rub

    Reviewed by: Justin H 12/05/07 09:19PM

    Boggers look nice on there, real aggressive...what gear ratio you runnin? I just got 39.5s for mine and need some help on which ones to buy (

    Reviewed by: Chuck C 12/12/07 08:38PM

    outstanding machine! like the boggers!

    Reviewed by: Sean M 03/26/08 09:46PM

    Heyy I was looking at your bronco and I love the boggers you put on it. So how are you liking those tires?? I was thinking about getting the same tires but not sure how well they will wear on the road and how they do on highway. But anyways I have an 89 Bronco with an 11" lift on 38.5 tsl sx's. Heres the page:

    Reviewed by: John M 05/18/08 02:59PM

    hey much rub are you gettin with those 39" boggers? I'm runnin 35s with the same amount of lift as you and I'm in the process of upgrading to 39s, but my 35s rub like a mother on my radius arms when cornering.. just curious.. :P

    Reviewed by: Jordan U 04/09/09 10:50AM

    hey total BAMF hope my bronco gets to look that bad funny girl driveing it

    Reviewed by: Marcel M 12/13/09 01:13PM

    Marry me?

    Reviewed by: Chaevis A 12/23/09 09:02AM

    you and youre truck are good lookin

    Reviewed by: Jonathan S 01/05/10 06:32PM

    Damn, the rides nice, you aint so bad yourself babe!

    Reviewed by: Julie R 04/21/10 01:40PM

    Awh well thank you ALL!!!! :)