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    Bronco 4

    Not For Sale

    Paul S

    • Year:1979
    • Make:Ford
    • Model:Bronco

    Engine : 351M, Edelbrock Performer 400 intake & 1406 carb, Internal all stock Ford Racing High Rise Plated Valve Covers Braided fuel lines custom Blue painted Block.

    Drivetrain : C-6 Auto, NP-205 transfer case, 9in in rear and Dana 44 Front axle.

    Transmission : no info

    VIN : no info

    1979 Bronco XLT Ranger, 6" Super Lift Suspension, dual steering stablizers, 2 shocks per wheel, fabitech trac bars, Front & rear axle truss's adj. tracking bar in front, heavy plastic fuel tank, B&M trans cooler w/fan, Modine over size raditor, Remote dual oil filter relocator in left wheel well, Heddman coated wheel opening headers to 40 series flowmasters out the sides. 35 in. 15.50 Mickeythompson Baja Claws on Mickeythompson classic lock rims.
    Need any info on this truck you can email me at ( Smitty

    Comments (18)

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    Reviewed by: Clay W 07/24/06 02:50PM

    I think that is the nicest '79 Bronco that I have ever seen, it is Beautiful. Great Job!!!

    Reviewed by: Paul S 07/26/06 05:14PM

    Thank you very much, My wife and I did all the work our selves. My wife also has a 97 F150 all customized and lifted. Paul

    Reviewed by: Spencer H 08/08/06 11:32PM

    That truck, is beautiful.

    Reviewed by: Keith N 08/17/06 01:29AM

    good job nice work i bet its one hell of a climber

    Reviewed by: jeryd S 08/18/06 12:05AM

    really nice!!!!!!!! i have only one question, u said u have 15.50's they don't look like it? but still nice all around. (from red stolen truck)

    Reviewed by: Andy C 08/18/06 12:29AM

    Hands down the nicest bronco iv ever seen!! Im in love with your truck!!

    Reviewed by: Wesley W 08/28/06 02:48PM

    Definately the nicest 79' on the site!!! I hope that with time I'll catch up with you (I haven't even found the right one yet to buy and start a build out on it), probably be many years down the road though... mortgage and all. I do have a question... what sort of work did you do on the interior? You don't have pics or mention of any new gauges, mods, etc...

    Reviewed by: Bob C 02/25/07 07:09PM

    Very, very, Nice!!! The best 79 Bronco I have seen!! You mention dual steering stabilizers, but the pic shows quad? Nice setup, were did you get these? or are they custom made. I have a 79 F150- I would like to put the same setup on. Thanks, BC

    Reviewed by: Roberto L 11/26/07 08:33PM

    nice job! ...where did you get the bottom dual shock's from.

    Reviewed by: Paul S 03/15/08 06:48PM

    The dual steering stablizers are really for a 79 f250 but the brackets are turned upside down to work on the half tons.

    Reviewed by: Craig T 03/18/08 06:58PM

    Good job on your truck! how much have u invested if you dont mind me asking?

    Reviewed by: Paul S 03/21/08 08:35PM

    Too much but not enough. LOL

    Reviewed by: Tom H 03/23/08 06:04PM

    Very nice looking his and her trucks. That is cool.

    Reviewed by: Jacob S 04/08/08 04:27PM

    very nice!!! are those the stock length drive shafts?

    Reviewed by: Ricky B 04/12/09 06:52AM

    very nice is there any way to get a complete list of what you did on the build?

    Reviewed by: Roberto L 06/05/10 05:21AM

    Nice bronco! Do you have the part numbers for the rear fabitech trac bars & front dual steering shocks bracket? thanks

    Reviewed by: Jeremy W 10/09/10 01:22AM

    just wondering if the bronco is for sale

    Reviewed by: Mike J 03/11/11 05:33PM

    very nice. did you have to orde parts for the swpare and where did you get them?