OBS Ford Trucks: The Aeronose

1996 Ford F350 Aer0nose Grille View

1992-1997 F-Series and Broncos

From Bricknose to Aeronose: Ford "Nose" Best

The last Bricknose Ford truck rolled off the assembly line in 1991 but it was not the end of an era. All OBS Ford trucks shared a consistent square body shape and lines with some minor to moderate changes as time marched on. From a nose that slanted in on the Bullnose to a flat rectangular grille on the Bricknose, and then a rectangular nose with a few slight aerodynamic improvements on the Aeronose Ford OBS trucks, the F150, F250, F350, and Bronco were the chosen few to sport these iconic and subtle changes spanning nearly two decades.

Is the Aeronose More Aerodynamic Than Other OBS?

In 1992, the Ford Motor Company introduced the Aeronose Ford F150, F250, F350, and Bronco. With a wide rectangular front end, much like its predecessor, it makes you wonder just how aerodynamic the new Aeronose could really be. The changes were relatively subtle but when you are running a brick wall directly into the wind, those small changes can make huge differences. With front fenders and hood that are slightly more rounded in the front, a scoop shape molded into the Aeronose truck grille design to channel air more efficiently into the engine bay, and a one-piece lens for your headlights and turn signals that wrap around the fender, it starts to make sense how these minor changes can improve performance and fuel efficiency.

9th Generation Ford Truck Upgrades

1996 Ford F350 Aeronose OBS Truck

Of course, the front end wasn’t the only thing that changed. The interior also saw drastic changes from the Bricknose to the Aeronose Ford. Flooring changes and options were available in the Aeronose that included vinyl floors making them easier to clean and keep looking like new. In the 1992, the Ford factory AM/FM stereos switched from double DIN units to single DIN units which made it easier to upgrade to aftermarket stereos since most were also single DIN units. The smaller stereo units of course rearranged the heating and cooling controls along with a slew of other dash components.

Aeronose Ford Truck Engines Options

The Aeronose Ford truck engines themselves didn’t change too much. You still had the 4.9L 300, the 5.0L 302, the 5.8L 351, and the 7.5L 460 as well as the 7.3L diesel. The AC units also saw a change from R-12 Freon to 134a refrigerant, beginning in 1994, which was believed to be more ecologically friendly. These along with another few minor changes made up the OBS Aeronose Ford F150s, F250s, F350s, and Broncos.

The Aeronose Was Phased Out in Phases

An interesting note about the 1995 to 1997 F150, F250s, F350s, and Broncos is that they all started migrating to the next generation in different years. The last Aeronose F150 rolled out in 1995, making way for the 10th gen truck in 1996. The Bronco continued the Aeronose design into 1996 before taking a long hiatus until 2021. The F250 and F350 carried the OBS design into 1997 before switching from the OBD1 scanning system to the OBD2 scanning system, unless it was being shipped to California.

Built Ford Tough

1996 Aeronose F350 OBS Truck

In spite of the changes that were made between 1980 and 1997, the Ford trucks manufactured in this date range all had more than a few things in common, including that they were Built Ford Tough and over the years they have garnered a loyal and enthusiastic fanbase, excited to keep the OBS trucks on the roads for future generations to come.

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1996 F350 Aeronose front view

DIY Fix Your Aeronose Ford Truck: How-to Videos

You can also watch how-to videos from our friends at Bronco Parts and Garage to see how many of our parts are installed and the assembly steps for your vehicle’s doors, tailgate, suspensions, and more.