Best Places to Off-Road in Florida

Classic Bronco in Florida Swamp

Get Your Bronco or Ford 4x4 Truck Ready for Floridian Trails

Florida is the perfect destination for seasoned and burgeoning off-road enthusiasts alike. From the panhandle to the peninsula, there are plenty of unique spots for a one-of-a-kind adventure. If you want the best of the best, we’ve searched across the state and narrowed down the top five best places to off-road in Florida:

1. Ocala National Forest (Umatilla, FL)

Ocala National Forest is a sprawling terrain that touches three counties and sits between two rivers. This state park isn’t just gorgeous --it’s also off-road friendly. You’ll love conquering the deep sand and muddy ditches. You’ll also find lots of untamed forests and unique wildlife.

A park this big has several designated ORV trails. The Tread Lightly! Four Wheel Drive Way is an 80-mile route with wildly varying terrain including clay, dirt, sand, and mud. This trail is available to pickup trucks and high-clearance SUVs.

2. Big Cypress National Preserve (Ochopee, FL)

Big Cypress National Preserve is one of Florida’s most popular off-roading destinations. Those who want an easy-going route with plenty of wildlife will enjoy Loop Road, also known as Country Road 94. You can also try the designated ORV trails in the Bear Island Unit. Bear Island offers more than 10 miles of trails available to street-legal 4x4s. You can find out how to get an ORV permit on their website.

3. Redneck Mud Park (Punta Gorda, FL)

This park is an off-roader’s dream! Stationed in Punta Gorda, Florida, this 880-acre theme park offers visitors miles of trails to explore. Many are designed to accommodate smaller trucks and Jeeps, as well as Side x Sides and ATVs, but there are trails available for larger trucks too. If you run into trouble, the park even offers a rescue service to extract your vehicle.

Redneck Mud Park offers plenty of other unique attractions to keep its visitors stimulated. In addition to offroad trails, you’ll find four different mudding holes, live entertainment, and camping facilities with direct access to its many trails. Check out the Redneck Mud Park website for more information.

4. The Swamp OffRoad Park (Chipley, FL)

Near the Northwest corner of Florida, you’ll find a playground just for off-road vehicles. The Swamp’s deep pits, steep hills, and winding trails offer Bronco drivers plenty of fun. With its fair share of expert and beginner off-road courses, this family-friendly park offers thrills for all skill levels. There’s even an obstacle course!

The Swamp Off-Road Park is open on the first and third Saturday of every month. For more information, visit The Swamp OffRoad Park website.

5. Osceola National Forest (Sanderson, FL) 

This forest’s waterlogged, zig-zagging trails make for a great off-roading adventure. Osceola National Forest is open to vehicles of all types; it doesn’t have designated OHV trails like other parks and does not require a pass. Those who are into expert off-road courses will enjoy the Osceola trails with numerous water obstacles. High clearance is a must for anyone daring to take on those trails!

2023 Bronco Sport with Mud Wheels and Off-Road Lights

What About Florida Off-Road Clubs for Bronco Enthusiasts?

Florida has plenty of off-road clubs that Bronco Enthusiasts can check out.

The Florida Trail Stompers are a 4x4 club open to drivers of any experience level. You can check out Facebook, Instagram, or their official Florida Trail Stompers website (signing up is required) for information on events and how to become a member.

Stationed in Northwest Florida, the Emerald Coast Jeepers are another family-oriented club. They welcome off-roaders of all types, not just Jeep drivers. You can visit them at or Facebook to learn more.

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Don’t Forget Must-Have Bronco Off-Road Upgrades

Now you know all the best places to off-road in Florida! When you’re ready to plan an all-new outing, you can prepare some all-new Bronco upgrades to make off-roading effortless.

Every Bronco off-roader can appreciate the utility of a heavy-duty bumper. We offer winch bumpers that are ready-made for your Bronco off-road rig. These rugged bumpers come with built-in winches to aid with recovery if you ever get stuck.

RIGID Industries creates off-road lights for Broncos and Ford trucks that are perfect for overland adventures. Their 360 Series Lights are some of their brightest, far-reaching LEDs. These lights easily integrate into OEM applications and are legal for both on-road and off-road use.

You’ll need a lifted vehicle for braving mud pits, rivers, and waterlogged trails. Our Bronco suspension upgrades give your Bronco greater ground clearance and allow you to install oversized tires. You can check out our catalog of lift kits for Broncos and F-Series trucks.

We’re just scratching the surface. You can also shop for Bronco roll bars, Ford Truck steering kits, and more. Bronco Graveyard offers plenty of parts to make off-road driving safer and more enjoyable.