How Often Do You Service The Transfer Case On Your Bronco?

Before taking your Bronco off-road it’s important to follow a few vital maintenance tips.

When you buy a 4x4 vehicle you usually have a reason for it. Whether it’s the wintery weather you face in your northern habitat or for recreational trails and goin’ muddin’ you know what your plans are for that new 4wd rig. BUT did you know there are things you should consider before throwing that Ford Bronco, Jeep, or other off-road rigs? For example, when was the last time you serviced the transfer case on your Bronco? Was it less than 30,000 miles ago? If so, good. If not, you better check the fluids quickly.

That’s right, you should service your Bronco’s transfer case and its rear differential every 30,000 miles. Show of hands, now: Who does this?

It’s an easy task to put off but let’s be honest, when you have to use your 4WD is not when you want to find out that it’s low on fluid or you have other issues. Servicing these parts is relatively inexpensive compared to replacing them and it doesn’t take a long time for a mechanic to pop it up on a rack and service your transfer case and rear differential. These are definitely tasks you can do yourself with a moderate amount of DIY mechanical know-how, the right tools, and a little bit of elbow grease.

If you decide to take this task on yourself, then you are our kinda DIYer and we have the Bronco parts you need to service and replace your Bronco transfer case and its front and rear differentials. Check out the Bronco Graveyard store for upgraded front and rear differentials, new transfer cases, suspension lift kits, and much more.