Best Places to Off-Road in Utah

Welcome to Utah - Moab Off-Road Trails

From Onion Creek to Hell’s Revenge, Moab UT Has a Challenge for Your Bronco

Are you an avid off-roader? Maybe you’re new to off-roading and looking for places to get some practice? Whatever your experience level, Moab, Utah is a utopia for people who love taking their Bronco, the original G.O.A.T, off-roading. Moab’s biggest draw is its beautiful scenery and a huge variety of trails to explore. You’ll find plenty of canyons, mountains, ridges, and national parks for your Bronco to explore. With so much great scenery to choose from, how will you decide on a destination? Bronco Graveyard has narrowed down some of the best places in Utah to take your Bronco or Ford truck off-road.

Dirt Road Off-road Trail In Utah

Onion Creek and Fisher Towers, Moab, Utah

If you’re still fairly new to off-roading, then Onion Creek and Fisher Towers are the perfect choice for you. This area features a well-maintained off-roading trail that can be completed in 2 hours. You’ll find lots of creeks to play around in, but you should avoid this area during rainfall to keep away from flash floods. You’ll also find campgrounds nearby in lower Onion Creek. If you want a moderately easy path with gorgeous canyon scenery, you can’t go wrong with Onion Creek and Fisher Towers.

Chicken Corners, Moab, Utah

For those who want a moderate challenge, this off-roading route is a popular option. Chicken Corners, om Moab, Utah, doesn’t just boat cinematic scenery and fantastic photo ops, it’s also huge. The trail stands at 54 miles long and will take 2 to 3.5 hours to complete. If you find yourself outside of the off-roading capital of Moab, you should do yourself a favor and give this popular “off-roader’s paradise” a try.

Non Bronco On off-road trail in Moab Utah

Gemini Bridges Trail, Moab, Utah

Another moderately-challenging route is Gemini Bridges Trail. This one-way route is popular with both mountain bikers and off-roaders. Because of its popularity, you’re bound to encounter plenty of other adventurers enjoying the scenery. Dogs are welcome too! This scenic route is 13 miles in length, and while it’s a little rocky, it’s still an excellent trail for less-experienced off-roaders. If you want to take your Bronco off-road, then Gemini Bridge Trail is a fantastic choice.

Hell’s Revenge, Moab, Utah

Hell’s Revenge is one of the most popular and iconic trails in all of Moab. If you want great scenery, this trail delivers, with a gorgeous view of La Sal Mountains and Slickrock domes. But watch out, like its name implies Hell’s Revenge packs an incredible challenge for off-roaders! This trail is perfect for experts but dangerous for beginners. You should only attempt this area if you’re an experienced off-roader with premium Bronco upgrades. Experienced off-roaders can complete this difficult trail in about 3-4 hours. It's 6.5 miles in length.

UTV on off-road UTV trail in Moab Utah

Poison Spider Mesa Trail, Moab, Utah

If you want a challenging trail with fantastic scenery, you can’t be Poison Spider Mesa Trail. You’ll find this route to the west of Moab Valley, with a one-of-a-kind overlook of the area’s river and valley. Don’t let the scenery fool you, the terrain can be a fiendish thrill for die-hard off-roaders. This 9-mile trail also features steep climbs, sandhills, and slick rock formations that will test the limits of your Ford Bronco suspension.

What Suspension Upgrades Does Your Bronco Need?

78 Bronco Off-road rig ready for upgrades

No matter how experienced you are, safety is the number-one concern for every off-road driver! Before you tackle the Moab desert, do you have a Ford truck or Ford Bronco suspension that’s up to the task? Make sure you have the right Bronco upgrades capable of handling off-road trails. Make sure you have the right axles, like heavy duty 10.25 Sterling or one of the many Dana Axle kits designed At Bronco Graveyard, you can also find rugged off-road Bronco shocks and springs, and lift kits for Broncos and F-Series trucks.

Toy Bronco on Cliff overlooking map of Utah

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