The Model Types of the Early Ford Bronco

Three Broncos to choose from…


The standard Bronco Roadster is an all-purpose vehicle without roof or doors. Smoothly contoured door openings give it a sporty appearance. Optional doors are available with or without glass and frame. Vinyl doors and a convertible top are also available. The windshield may be folded down flat on the hood and locked in place. The standard seat is a bench type with ample room for three persons. Left or left and right front bucket seats are optional and are required with the optional bench-type rear seat. A steel bulkhead between front and rear is supplied with the standard front seat but is not included when the rear-seat option is selected.

1966 Ford Bronco Roadster


The Sports Utility is the same as the standard Roadster except that it includes a short roof, metal side doors and roll-up windows to provide complete weather protection. The sports utility, along with the Roadster and Wagon, has full-width 56-inch tailgate with a handy one hand-operated latch. Wheel housings are flat on top for extra convenience. Optional left or left and right bucket seats are available. The sturdy steel rooftop weighs only 70 pounds and is bolted on for quick and easy removal when desired. The double-walled rear area has over 32 cubic feet of space for your camping or other gear.

1966 Ford Bronco Sports Utility


The Wagon has a full-length roof with upper body sides installed on the basic body. The two driver-passenger doors are steel with roll-up windows. The upper body sides have large fixed windows. The rear liftgate also has a large fixed window and may be locked in the open position for ventilation. The tailgate may be left in the horizontal position for carrying long items. The entire enclosed area can be completely locked. The top and upper body sides are bolted on and can be removed if desired. Front bucket seats are available and required with the optional bench-type rear seat. The steel bulkhead is deleted with the rear seat option.

1966 Ford Bronco Wagon



Sport package... Bronco Sport package includes bright instrument panel molding, chrome horn ring, vinyl door panels with bright trim, a hardboard headliner with bright trim, armrests, and a lighter for the inside. Outside trim includes chrome bumpers with bumper guards plus bright metal trim on the drip rails, grill, headlights, and taillights. Other features include a chrome tailgate handle, a chrome “Sport Bronco” emblem and bright wheel covers.


Ranger package... Utilizes unique exterior paint schemes and white striping on the lower body, as well as special “Ranger” spare tire cover. The interior gives three color choices, cloth houndstooth features, and wood grain door trim.