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1966 Ford Bronco


1966 Ford Bronco Parts


1966 Ford Bronco Owner's Manual

Below is an excerpt from the the original owner's manual that was provided with the 1966 Ford Bronco.


When you purchased your new Bronco, you entered upon a new adventure in motoring convenience. The Bronco combines the high quality and dependability Of a conventional Ford-built product with the flexibility of a sports utility automobile.

If you want to enjoy the really rugged country for hunting, fishing or camping, Your Bronco is equipped to release you from the confines of the over-crowded highway. The 4-Wheel Drive will take the rough terrain in its stride. The sturdy engine will give you steady economical power.

The Bronco is an ideal helper for doing chores around the house such as gardening, lawn care, carpentry, plumbing, etc. It can carry the necessary tools and materials with more ease and dispatch than other types of vehicle. 

For any job that Is too rough for a conventional passenger car but where a truck would be cumbersome and costly, you have the answer in your Bronco. After a winter storm, when everyone is "snowed in", your Bronco will come to the rescue in delivering the children to school and Dad to work. This peppy little car will prove to be a faithful servant for exploring, hunting, camping and numerous other pursuits

Like any good servant, however, your Bronco deserves to be treated well. This means taking it to your Ford Dealer at the regular scheduled maintenance periods outlined at the back of this book. Your dealer has the modern equipment, genuine Ford Parts and the factory-trained personnel to supply "Quality Car Care". Only you can furnish the regularity. If you do, your Bronco will continue as the faithful servant it was designed to be.

Welcome to the Ford family of fine cars! We know your Bronco will afford you many miles of satisfaction.


1966 Ford Bronco Owner's Manual Cover

1966 Ford Bronco Owner's Manual


History of the 1966 Ford Bronco Parts and Production Numbers


  • Early Bronco production started on October 1, 1965.
  • There were three models available, the Roadster, the Pick-Up, and the Wagon.
  • The interior was a silver-grey color, including the seats and the sun visors.
  • The inner door panels and the dashboard were painted a gray color.
  • There was a black vinyl mat in the front of the vehicle.
  • The door and the window crank handles, along with the seats were all changed in 1967.
  • In mid-year, the 289 v-8 was offered as an option over the 170 6 Cyl.
  • The transfer case shifter in a 1966 was non-locking. It only had a ball on the end of it.
  • The hub caps offered on the vehicle had 3 black rings painted on them, without the red centers, which were to follow shortly.
  • There was a rearview mirror and a driver's side exterior mirror only.
  • The driver’s side mirror was a round mirror that mounted to the side of the fender.
  • The rearview mirror screwed to the windshield frame.
  • The front and rear bumpers were cut straight on the ends instead of on an angle.
  • The rear shocks were mounted on the front side of the rear axle.
  • None of the brakes were self-adjusting.
  • The taillights were a solid red, without the white square for the reverse lights.
  • The liftgate lock was not in the handle, it was mounted on the face of the liftgate, and to the side of the handle.
  • One of the first changes in the 1966 production year was the switch from a steel left air vent to a plastic air vent.
  • There were 4,090 Roadsters produced.
  • There were 6,930 Pick-Ups produced.
  • There were 12,756 Wagons produced.
  • Bringing the total to 23,776 of early Bronco production in 1966.


1966 Ford Bronco Advertisement

1966 Ford Bronco Advertisement


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