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Reader's Ride #3241: 1978 Ford Bronco
Reader Rides > Reader #3241: 1978 Ford Bronco
Ride Info:
Engine: stock 460 out of a 1977 f-250 headers flowmaster mufflers
Drivetrain: c6 np205 9" with factory limited slip dana 44 open 3.50 gears warn lockout hubs 4" superlift factory qaud shock setup 35" boggers
Description: I bought this truck when i was 15 for $3500 with 80,000 miles on it, I'm 17 now. I redid the lift, because it was hacked together and put the boggers on it. The color was homemade from the guy i bought it from. My plan is to restore it. I already gutted the interior, pulled the front clip off, and the motor out.


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Comment By: William on Jan 5, 2009 09:03 PM
reminds me of my ol bronco stuck in my pond!! love the workin on it pics!!
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