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Classifieds Item #12440: 1971 Ford Bronco
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Classifieds > Item #12440: 1971 Ford Bronco
Ride Info:
Nickname: 1971 Early Bronco For Sale (reduced $2k)
Engine: 351 Windsor
Drivetrain: See below
Description: Video (poor quality)
Shows much better in person



Engine: 351 Windsor (285hp, 325ft lbs, just a guess)

100 amp chrome 1 wire alternator

Petronix electronic ignition (points eliminator)

Transmission: NP-435 4 speed (1st gear granny low) rock crawlers use this transmission because its like the traditional 3 speed with a low first gear used to slowly get over big rocks will keeping the RPM (power) up. MUCH BEEFIER transmission than the standard 3 spd weighs 100 pound more!!

Transfer case: Dana 21 I believe came with the NP-435 (maybe out of a 1 ton dodge truck?) it has a 4w and a 2w only. This one is nice if you just cruise around town. The ideal transfer case is the original Dana 20, which I have as well.

Axles: FULL WIDTH axles (front is dana 44, the rear is ford 9") used for amazing approach angles and wider stance increasing stability. Very Very popular for extreme 4x4 applications, very rare, because of the expense and expertise on alignment/pinion angles, the steering geometry has to be right on -- Toe, Camber, Castor, the materials (D.O.M steel tubing) are very expensive,(not too many people will tackle the challenge) the QA1 HEIM joints are specially designed for extreme offroad abuse. very very Bullet Proof set-up!! The biggest advantage is that the axles are bigger/stronger, the brakes are bigger and the front dana 44 is a HIGH pinion which is better for ground clearance. These axles came out of late 70's full size f-150.

Brakes: Hydroboost from a full size GMC safari van, instead of a wimpy vacuum assist power brakes, this is Hydraulic which is 100times more powerfull!!! It runs together off the power steering/ power steering pump, and fitted in a "CANNED HAM" or SAGINAW power steering pump which is the most powerful, reliable, least expensive to replace pump you can find. Dual Master Cylinder with a modern 60/40 proportioning valve, 60% front-40% rear stopping power, it looks stock in there!! this valve is designed to stop the front better than the rear so the rear doesn't pass the front, allot safer in the snow or rain!!!

Steering: Power steering gear box out of a 1 ton f-350 because its the strongest for stock type and parts etc.. are available. Custom made steering shaft to have a swivel joint so the steering stress is reduced and the steering column in an accident wont impale you compared to stock. Drop Pitman Arm and a custom bracket that fits this monster gear box.

Suspension: The suspension is a 5.5" Wild Horses extreme 12 kit(LONG TRAVEL), it is designed to handle 40" tires and go down the road at 75+mph. This kit by far is the smoothest suspension kit. The articulation is amazing. You will notice that there are 8 shocks instead of 4 and the shock towers/hoops are extended to allow taller shocks which is one of the tricks to huge articulation gains. The brake lines where extend to steel braided lines and are over a foot longer.

2" body lift

Bumpers: Custom made these from scratch, the rear latch assy is built from scratch and pretty nifty, and the steel tube (the piece where the hinges are) is actually scrap from the steering. Those hinges hold 480 pounds apiece! The front bumper I sealed so you can use it as a air tank, just drill/tap and add an air fitting on it, good for??? The front winch came out of a huge implement truck, maybe railroad service truck? They call it a HICKEYSIDEWINDER, and its rated as high as 12,000 pound pulling. Never got to extending the cables yet, but it was checked by using a jumper cable and it worked great. It has a remote trigger.

Body: Replaced the fenders, windshield frame, fiberglass hood, door pillars, floorboards, rocker guards/panels, tailgate.

Frame: Painted with POR-15

3" Exhaust Flowmaster

The radiator is 4 core, upgraded from the 3 core stock one, and has a brand new heater core.

The seats in the rear came out of a 67 alpha Romeo, custom made seat frame and the whole assy is moved back about 9"s.

The front seats came with it, and I have no idea what they came from, maybe a car?? little truck??

Custom black paint with purple metallic, True Fire airbrushed flames

35-12.5 R15 KUMHO VENTURE tires (CraigsList listing is wrong) with American Racing Outlaw aluminum rims

100 watt off road lights

High Lift Jack with Come Along and Jerry Can

Interior lined, removable floor pan over transmission

Roll Bar, SMITTY built style

New summit racing all in one tach, temp,amp,oil pressure with 2 shift lights

New autometer fuel gauge

Harley Davidson CB radio with external speaker
VIN: 1234567890


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Ride Images:
Title: 1971 early bronco for sale
Description: See description for more photos
1971 early bronco for sale

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Comment By: Adrian on Apr 21, 2011 12:10 PM
Is your Bronco still for sale? Are there any issues with rust. Only the hood is fibergalss?
Comment By: Matthew on Nov 16, 2011 10:18 AM
i really am a real buyer, please contact me, out of all the broncos i've seen on the site i really would like to have this one. <br/> <br/>909-217-2429 cell Matthew <br/> <br/> email
Comment By: Brandon on Sep 3, 2012 06:13 PM
Is this bronco still for sale? contact me
Comment By: Colin on Nov 12, 2012 04:12 PM
i am from friendswood texas and would come look at your bronco with cash in my pocket let me know if it is still for sale my number is 832 621 5353
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