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    Cocos Bronco

    Not For Sale

    Matt C

    • Year:1979
    • Make:Ford
    • Model:Bronco

    Engine : 460 Big Block

    Drivetrain : no info

    Transmission : no info

    VIN : no info

    Its a 1979 with 75' grill . The color is 67 cobra blue, Its got a 460 big block, lifted 7 inches on 39.x15w inch tires.just baught new rims.. Custom drive shaft,Custom hood mounts,Custom trailing arms, off road steel bumpers, off roading lights,bucket seats, whelen lightbar, whelen grill strobes,siren,headlight strobes,off road recovery truck,TRUCK 1 , got four trucks in fleet. SOON TO ADD::: double tube off-road rear bumper/windsheild visor/new battery/new alternator/new starter/side steps/a few more whelen lights for the rear.. will update soon

    Comments (12)

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    Reviewed by: Traci F 01/12/11 03:11AM

    Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!

    Reviewed by: Jimmy R 01/23/11 12:22PM

    Nice rig. What carb are you running with that 460?

    Reviewed by: Christian K 02/04/11 07:53PM

    awesome ride!!! did you have to do any modification with the grill, i have a '78 and am wanting to put a 75 grill on it as well.

    Reviewed by: Matt C 02/06/11 11:36AM

    the carb size is 725cfm and the grill is all bolt ons and the headers are L&L headers

    Reviewed by: Terry N 04/05/11 05:52PM

    very nice rig. how well does the dana 44 hold up with those 38's ?

    Reviewed by: Matt C 04/07/11 06:17AM

    it works good, i just baught 39" tires and new rims gotta get them put on next week at my shop, and then get to finally hook up all the whelen strobe lights and and start adding all the extra stuff i baught over the winter months...

    Reviewed by: Daniel M 05/04/11 09:40PM

    ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS!!!!! hopin mine will look this good soon. GREAT JOB

    Reviewed by: Matt C 05/05/11 02:40PM

    thanks man, ya i hope next yr to bring it to vermonster.. got lots more work to do before then...

    Reviewed by: Pete I 05/13/11 07:21PM

    love that 75 grill on a bronco, im doin that to my 78.

    Reviewed by: Eric S 03/18/12 05:16PM


    Reviewed by: Josh S 05/17/12 07:42AM

    i have a 79 bronco and cant figure out if its able to go in 2WD? anybody know anything about getting a 79 bronco ranger XLT in 2WD?

    Reviewed by: Jonathan F 03/11/14 11:42AM

    Very cool! Love the 75 grille, the original paint job was cool tough with that 70's paint scheme! Looks awesome now anyways, still 5 stars in my book!