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    Tug Boat

    Not For Sale

    Jeremiah M

    Engine : 351M with 400 crank, mild cam, shaved heads, bored .040, 351C high comp pistons.

    Drivetrain : Stock C6, 205 T-case, CFD drive shafts, and red urathane bushings

    Transmission : no info

    VIN : no info

    Got it, sank it, built it better. Has a 351M stroker and people hate on it cause they dont have it. Race it at the sand drags on the weekends, usally beat everything that didnt get towed in on a trailer. But not done with it yet, want to do more motor work such as headers,intake, carb, and 1.6 rocker arms

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    Reviewed by: Josh W 01/09/11 01:01PM

    Dude, the 335 series engine (351m-400m) already has 1.73 ratio rockers from the factory.

    Reviewed by: Evan F 08/07/13 02:26PM

    How did you fix up your 351M I Have a 1978 Ford Bronco Mud/Street Truck And my engine is in REALLY Bad shape I bought it WITH The heads off Any suggestions on where to get the parts I'm getting the engine rebuilt at a friends Garage And I'm going to be turning the wrenches Along side him I need to beef it up MORE It takes One HECK Of a abuse