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    Not For Sale

    Jerry W

    • Year:1977
    • Make:Ford
    • Model:Bronco

    Engine : no info

    Drivetrain : no info

    Transmission : no info

    VIN : no info

    302 Mustang motor,automatic,mustang 2 front end with rack an pinion steering,has A/C,original metal half top off of earlier model,rear is 9in. narrowed 10inchs.

    Comments (8)

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    Reviewed by: jeryd S 06/09/06 08:38PM

    that looks cool, nice job!from tuffenuff

    Reviewed by: David R 09/28/07 01:33PM

    what are you thinking

    Reviewed by: Alex T 04/01/07 04:11PM

    kill yourself

    Reviewed by: Robby M 06/01/07 11:03PM

    dude. broncos are not meant to be lowered. that looks stupid

    Reviewed by: Robert D 06/08/07 07:49AM

    Jerry, awesome rig how low is it?? I mean ride height and how close are the rockers to ground . how does it drive?? again awesome

    Reviewed by: Drew W 06/30/07 07:15PM

    kill yourself slowly

    Reviewed by: Sean L 10/15/07 07:27PM

    Wow u have a great imagination, i think that u did a great job, yeah broncos are made to be taken off-road, but vehicles, in general are made to be fucked with!! At least u didnt just slap 20s on it and expect gratification!!

    Reviewed by: Jacob S 04/28/10 01:08PM

    if you jack offs dont like this thing then dont look at it. simple enough right? its funny you ass holes are probably the ones who have bird shit welds and 8 inch lift blocks but "its lifted so its cool"... nice bronco