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    Justin M

    • Year:1978
    • Make:Ford
    • Model:F-150

    Engine : 351M

    Drivetrain : C6 Transmission

    Transmission : no info

    VIN : no info

    Nothing really special, leveling kit in front, 35 inch Gumbo Monster Mudders. The truck is currently being stripped down, puttied in a few places, and is almost ready for paint. Thinking about painting it black, not sure yet, any suggestions?

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    Reviewed by: Josh W 05/02/10 12:21PM

    Man, that green looks good! If anything paint your wheels black.

    Reviewed by: Cody J 05/24/11 01:16AM

    I bought this truck from the owner that posted these picks about 8 months ago. It now has 35" super swampers and is getting ready for side mirrors, custom bumper gaurd and steering stabilizer. I'm not sure what all was done to the engine before I bought it, all I know is that is has a mild cam.

    Reviewed by: Justin M 05/24/11 06:11AM

    That was me, send me some pics! Do you have a Facebook?

    Reviewed by: Cody J 05/27/11 09:36AM

    I have a facebook, but I won't be able to log on for a few weeks(i'm overseas). But I can check my email from here:

    Reviewed by: Cody J 08/23/11 08:34AM

    Is the engine in this truck a 351M or 400?

    Reviewed by: Cody J 08/23/11 08:37AM

    My facebook has a rebel flag for the profile pic Cody Jackson