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    Cave Mans 1ton

    Not For Sale

    Jason K

    • Year:1994
    • Make:Ford
    • Model:Bronco

    Engine : 7.5 big block

    Drivetrain : no info

    Transmission : no info

    VIN : no info

    1ton Bronco fuel injected 460 big block dana 60 powerloc front, sterling 10.25 detroit rear, 5.13 running gears. custom SAS 14" of lift 42" irok's
    won "full size bronco of the month" badass mud bronco. got a spread in bronco driver magazine...also in Mud Life, peterson's and mud life again.......................go big or go home.....lets go wheeling..............

    Comments (61)

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    Reviewed by: Ron D 12/03/09 07:46PM

    Acora Trucks rule

    Reviewed by: Jason K 12/06/09 05:37AM

    oh fuck ya!!!!!!!!!!

    Reviewed by: Jason K 01/28/10 08:53PM

    i love the snow!!!!!!!!!!!

    Reviewed by: Jacob T 05/18/10 07:20AM

    holy shit thats big!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Reviewed by: Ron D 05/17/10 04:42PM

    Where are the pics with the new lift?

    Reviewed by: Jason K 03/21/10 11:49AM

    whats up????????

    Reviewed by: Jim C 06/05/10 04:09PM

    I'm doing a SAS conversion as well. What did you do about the anti-lock brakes, front & rear? How about the computer for the ABS? Any help would be appreciated.

    Reviewed by: Jason K 06/06/10 09:41AM

    e-mail sent

    Reviewed by: Abdal E 08/09/10 10:40AM

    hey i have a few questions about the bracket for the front leaf springs i was wondering how long is that bracket and are those stock f350 springs if you could email me at please and thank you

    Reviewed by: Lance A 09/18/10 09:26AM

    I did the same exact 60 SAS on my '94 F-150. I stoughtened up the front of my frame right in front of the core support by welding on angle iron and then built a rect. tube bumper and dropped my shackle mounts from there. Everything seems to work fantastic. It's impressed many on the trails!

    Reviewed by: William C 12/22/10 12:04AM

    Best bronco I've seen!!!! What leaf springs did you use for the front? I'm currently collecting parts for Sas.

    Reviewed by: Dylan R 12/13/10 04:38PM

    holy Shit

    Reviewed by: Jason K 12/22/10 06:22PM

    to do my S.A.S. i bought a 89 f-350 donor truck. used both axles, dana 60 king pin front. sterling 10.25 rear. i used the front 1 ton springs from the donor. i used my stock rear leaf springs. a good friend, made the front driveshaft and spring hangers. a few mod"s here and there. but basically the suspension from the f-350 is on my bronco

    Reviewed by: Stacy S 01/01/11 09:40PM

    Hey i have a question and was hoping you might be able to help me. I have an 89 bronco xlt, it has a 5.8 engine and an 8.8 rearend with a c-6 tranny. It also has a 6 inch lift on 35 12.50, i recently started hauling a four wheeler trailer and have decided i need more power. Right now i have 3.55 gears, i was thinking about running 4.10 but just want to be sure i make the best decesion before i put the money in it. How dose your truck do when you haul with it or on the highway. Dose it sound really whiney? thank you for your time and help.....your bronco is bad ass :)

    Reviewed by: Jason K 01/02/11 07:43AM

    4.10 gears with 35 inch tires are closer to stock. if you went with 4.56 or 4.88 you would have more pep. but your m.p.g. will suffer. i am planning on installing 5.13 gears because i plan on bigger tires. i tow a trailer also and still get good m.p.g.

    Reviewed by: Dean W 01/30/11 11:45PM

    what do u mean buy saying more pep if someone went to 4.56 or 4.88 gears?i also have a 92 ford bronco on a 4 inch rancho lift with 33x12.50 on 15x10 wheels and not sure what gears to choose. near future is a SAS and a bigger tire(36 to 38 tire)it also has the 5.0L 302 V8 with the E40D tranny. but im not planning on a leaf sprung fron SAS. going for a coil spring.

    Reviewed by: Joe H 01/19/11 01:01PM

    Man that's nice I'm rebuilding a 87 bronco but I'm just starting any advice

    Reviewed by: Jason K 01/22/11 06:21AM

    buy a donor truck

    Reviewed by: Michael K 01/22/11 08:39AM

    wow thought my bronco was huge ya not so much awesome ride.

    Reviewed by: Jason K 01/31/11 08:35AM

    your stock bronco has 3.56 gears in now, with 31" tires. when you install bigger tires you notice that when you accelerate its a lil sluggish. you need to install bigger gears to take it back to the stock tire/gear ratio.

    Reviewed by: Jim C 02/01/11 08:04AM

    That is one awsome Bronco! I have a 95' just did the SAS up front only with a D44 from a 79 doner also took the 9 w/a tru hi 9 -4:56 & detroits the more common stuff. But yours blows me away! Again nice job!

    Reviewed by: Jason K 02/01/11 09:27AM

    thanks jim. what color is your bronco?

    Reviewed by: Ernest W 02/12/11 06:57PM

    i just bought a 83 bronco from a buddy of mine it got a 6"lift with a 5" body life with some 15x39.50x15 super swampers it got a ton of power what would be a good size tire to drop down to i want to improve gas mpg

    Reviewed by: Ed D 02/21/11 03:21PM

    did you put lefs under the front or kept the springes..

    Reviewed by: Steve P 03/08/11 02:01PM

    i really like this bronco

    Reviewed by: Bobby Y 03/22/11 08:40AM


    Reviewed by: Jason K 03/23/11 05:02PM


    Reviewed by: Ryan K 03/23/11 06:00PM

    Shit is badass dude. no damage after that jump?

    Reviewed by: Jason K 03/23/11 06:21PM

    just the seals on the axles....started leaking gear oil right after.

    Reviewed by: Dean W 04/24/11 08:37PM

    i have a question for you Jason, i have no clue what size gears i have in my axles but i am running 33s12.50R15LT M/T Baja MTZ's and 15x10 wheels on a 4 inch rancho suspension lift. if were to plan on going to a 36 or 38 inch tire what gears would you recemend buying?

    Reviewed by: Dean W 04/24/11 08:39PM

    What size lift do you have on your first picture. that says your saving the day?

    Reviewed by: Jason K 04/28/11 05:45PM

    hey dean in the first pic, that was right after i did the s.a.s. 10" with the 3" body lift. so about 13" you probally have 3.56 gears stock. if you plan on going with bigger tires i would install 4.56 or 4.88 gears...

    Reviewed by: Jacob G 06/23/11 11:33AM

    were did u get the light bar

    Reviewed by: Jason K 06/23/11 07:52PM

    4wheelparts. any off road shop should seel them

    Reviewed by: Cody W 06/24/11 09:00AM

    Nice truck! im currently doing my 92 Bronco over using a 79 donor truck, but im running into some trouble with the width of the straight axles, its going to be a tight squeeze with the wider bronco frame. did you run into any trouble like that with the 89 straight axles.

    Reviewed by: Jason K 06/25/11 08:37AM

    no problems at all. i believe 1980-1996 bronco,f150,f250,f350 all have the same frame was very easy. but i know some people dont like front leafs, thats why they get the straight axle from a later year, to run coils. is that what your doing?

    Reviewed by: Cody W 06/25/11 08:07PM

    no, im running leaf springs up front. but we got a 79 donor and it seems to be a lot less wider then my original independent so idk if im going to run into any trouble. i was thinking about getting a donor truck of a late 80s like you did yourself. but yea im going to run a 6 inch suspension with a 3 body and im cutting the quarter panels and front fenders to be able to ride bigger tires with less of a lift, and im swapping out my 351 for a 428 that im currently rebuilding. its a project but when im done it will be the way i want it to be.

    Reviewed by: Victor S 07/11/11 09:33PM

    Top 5 best Broncos I've seen,awesome work.

    Reviewed by: Jason K 07/12/11 07:29PM

    thanks vic.......

    Reviewed by: Jon H 08/11/11 06:21PM

    Killer a fan of the 78-79 horses but this is the best example of a road worthy bronco ive seen.awesome job man!I have two 78's but your making me jealous.

    Reviewed by: Jason K 08/11/11 07:26PM

    thanks jon. am in progress on getting hydro assist steering and rear ladder bars

    Reviewed by: Todd p C 08/20/11 09:04AM

    1 cool ass bronco

    Reviewed by: Zack P 10/13/11 02:28PM

    I have a 90 full size eddie bauer that I am almost ready to do a sas on. Putting a locked 9'' in the rear and a limited slip 44 up front with 5.13's... I am also curious to know what you did for your ABS front and rear along with the computer stuffs... thanks.

    Reviewed by: Jason K 10/13/11 02:47PM

    hey zack, i bought a 1989 f350 and used it as a donor for my S.A.S. so i installed the rear sterling 10.25 because it is has the same v.s.s. plug and its also 1ton, it bolted right in place of the 8.8 and plugged in. you have to tap the 9" to except the v.s.s. as for the front. i dont have a.b.s. anymore because the 1989 f350 did not come with it. but i installed the brake booster and master cylinder from it. i stop on a dime. i could not get the 42" tires to skid no matter how hard i press the petal. but i also have rear disc brakes. hope this helps. my a.b.s. light stays on....

    Reviewed by: Brendan T 10/24/11 12:42PM

    Nice Bronco I'm doing the exact same swap on my 1994 F150 with a Dana 60 and 10.25. I was wondering how you came out with 14" of lift because I see the 3 inch body and 5" hanger from sky. So I'm wondering where you got the rest of the 6" of lift?

    Reviewed by: Jason K 10/24/11 01:17PM

    tires.....i saw a stock bronco about same year in a parking lot. took a few measurements. body lines, head lights, fender wells. cant remember the exact numbers but the difference between mine and stock was 14 inches.......

    Reviewed by: Brendan T 10/24/11 01:51PM

    Ok I also want to run the 42" Iroks so do you think running either the 4" or 6" front lift springs and I already have a 3" body and the 5" hanger would be to high for the tires? And also how did you fix the angle on your rear shackles on the front springs? Do you have any links to a forum where you posted your build or anything or more pics you can send to me through email?

    Reviewed by: Jason K 10/25/11 08:53PM

    hey brenden was trying to do some research because i did my build a few years ago. but you already found it on fullsizebronco.....

    Reviewed by: Trentt O 11/08/11 10:02PM

    I plan on doing this SAS swap on my 91 F150.The Rear i think i can handle no problem. but for the Front I should be able to go to any 1980-96 Gas F250 + 4x4 and grab everything i'll need axle hangers, shackles and leafs right? and will i need the drive shafts off of it or use the one i have? my last question is can i use my existing power steering equip on this? If you could give me any tips for things i may run into i'd appreciate it. you have a badass bronco though

    Reviewed by: Scott L 01/13/12 10:50AM

    hi jason i have an 89 bronco would like to do same front set up could you give me the measurments for the front shackle set up and what shackle frame bracket did you useon the rear of front leaves to mount to frame any info would be awesome and your rig is sick dude thanks scott

    Reviewed by: Jason K 01/20/12 06:24AM

    hey scott i tryed to e-mail but could not send. hit me up on i am on the west coast section

    Reviewed by: Eric S 03/18/12 03:57PM

    Nice truck buddy. It must be nice to beat on it. I use to do that with mine but now its to clean and im afraid.

    Reviewed by: Cody W 04/22/12 05:48AM

    hey had some questions on the SAS, if you did another bronco like it again would you stick with the leaf springs up front or go with coils? I'm current in the process of rebuilding my 92 with 95 f350 1 tons and i have been told that coils are easier but I think I want to stick with the leafs, i was just wondering what you opinion is or if you have any advice on how you aligned the front end. also did you have a lot of trouble with the gauges and the computer that ran off of the rear housing?

    Reviewed by: Blake A 07/17/12 09:05PM

    where did you buy your front hanger kit for the sas?

    Reviewed by: Evan F 09/06/12 10:27AM

    I LOVE Your Bronco Its AWESOME Looking Im looking for either Dana 60s OR Rockwell 2.5 Tons for my Ranger I LOVE Your Bronco I wish I could find a Bronco like yours But I probably could NEVER Afford one But anywho SWEET Truck

    Reviewed by: Jason K 09/15/12 08:43AM

    thanks evan good luck on your build........

    Reviewed by: Jamie H 10/04/12 04:32PM

    Hi, I'm Jamie I have a 95 seriuosly wanting to SAS this bad boy is leafs easier than coils? was thing about getting the front end off a late 70s for the swap but fell in love with the way yours turned out would like your advice. Also have a friend with 10 inch lift leafs he will sell me I want to run 42s would that be enough? my email is thanks for your time.

    Reviewed by: Andrew C 04/16/13 11:16AM

    i want mine to look like this

    Reviewed by: Jamie H 05/03/13 11:36PM

    I've got a dana44 I like the hanger system you used, is it a sky mfg or what brand is it looking every where Please let me know and did you have to modify the frame up front for it? email me some info Please it's thanks for your time

    Reviewed by: Evan F 05/13/13 03:15PM

    Where did you get the light bar from for the roof? I'm looking for one For my 1988 Ford Bronco I REALLY Want one of those for my KC HID Lights Thanks Evan Farrow

    Reviewed by: Johannah L 10/16/13 07:54AM

    hey I love it , I have a 1988 bronco as a present from my dad and I want to replace the doors with cargo net doors, got any advice or ideas