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    Not For Sale

    Matthew K

    • Year:1979
    • Make:Ford
    • Model:F-350

    Engine : 1993 5.9L Dodge cummins Diesel

    Drivetrain : no info

    Transmission : no info

    VIN : no info

    F-350 four door with 15 in. custom lift kit rollin on 40's

    Comments (11)

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    Reviewed by: John K 08/03/09 05:54PM

    Thats a sick ride like the four door but those wires hanging down need to go other wise sick!

    Reviewed by: Justin R 08/16/09 03:13PM

    did it take a lot to get that engine in there?

    Reviewed by: Matthew K 08/21/09 10:35AM

    the cummins fitted pretty well under the hood

    Reviewed by: Justin R 10/26/09 12:46PM

    what about the wireing?

    Reviewed by: Matthew K 02/25/10 05:41AM

    thanks she my baby

    Reviewed by: Jim K 02/15/10 06:17PM

    Nice truck !! Ford ground hawg tire tough!!!!

    Reviewed by: Jacob T 04/29/10 07:42AM

    thats a bad ass crewcab hope my 76 crewcab will some day look that good

    Reviewed by: Tyler K 03/15/11 05:09PM

    sick truck i want one someday

    Reviewed by: Devon L 07/27/11 09:29AM

    Nice rig. 2 double thumbs down to the Cummins tho. Shoulda went Powerstroke. 10x beter. Gonna rock a Ford, make it a pure Ford. oher wise, wicked nice truck. Wicked nice.

    Reviewed by: Sean M 11/10/11 09:05PM

    Beautiful truck man!!! You did a good job restoring/customizing it.

    Reviewed by: Matthew K 11/13/11 09:08AM

    Thanks everyone and sorry the cummins motor is in the truck for three reasons first it come with the truck ready to hook up when i bought it, two its has no eletric parts that usely brake and third its something different in this truck