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    Shawn M

    • Year:2000
    • Make:Ford
    • Model:Ranger

    Engine : 3.0 v6 cold air in take

    Drivetrain : stock 2'' lift shackles turqe bar key 373 gears auto tranny

    Transmission : no info

    VIN : no info

    Its my truck that I got for my 17th birthday. Its my truck in my dads name, I have to finish high school to get it in my name but its still mine. My dream is to have it as a daily driver because its good on ga$. I have lifted 2-3 in do to heavy duty rear leaf springs,2in lift shackles in the back. For the front i added 3in leveling keys. i got a cb to talk to friends around town. A roll bar is in progress. thats all i got for now will post new pic as soon as i can.

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    Reviewed by: Scott C 03/20/09 06:36AM

    Whats up nephew in-law? Glad to see you on the Graveyard. Looks like you were havn' some fun in the fields. A little lift and some 29" swampers is all that Ranger needs. Can't wait for you guys to come down to Fl. for some swamp action. Corn bread won't be done but it will be ready enough for some test and tune. And there is always the little buggy we can play with. I know there are plenty of old 4x4 farm trucks up there were you are at so keep looking and the right toy will come your way. See you next month.

    Reviewed by: David C 04/06/09 10:40PM

    your right your truck is stuck like mine (owner of buckeye and right after it's picture 86 bronco, fatbear) had a ranger just like yours that we tried to pull buckeye out with.

    Reviewed by: Scott C 06/05/09 08:51AM

    Looking forward to visiting at the end of the month. Don't wory about the job. You will find one. Keep that Ranger looking good for now and eventually you will be able to get the toy. I was thinking you should look for an older Ranger. My first mud truck was an S10. With a V8 and some 1 ton running gear you just can't beat those little trucks. What about the old S10 your Grandpa has? I know its rusted but with a few medical transplants it could be a monster. I will see if I can find some old pics of my S10 mudder. See you later.

    Reviewed by: Scott C 07/23/09 12:34PM

    Hey dude, No I have not done much to the old girl except replace another window motor. I posted a picture of the toys all together. (check it out) I found an early 90's F250 4x4 lifted with 36's. Asking $900 .. The outside looks a little rough but not bad for the money. I need to stop and see if it runs ok or not. I know they would take less money for it. Maybe i'll take a pic and post it for you. See ya later.

    Reviewed by: Scott C 03/29/10 12:34PM

    Who's tires are those?