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    Not For Sale

    Scott C

    Engine : 302 EFI

    Drivetrain : D 60 Front (4 link) From 2005 Superduty D 70 Rear (leaf spring) From 1982 F350

    Transmission : no info

    VIN : no info

    Comments (16)

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    Reviewed by: Scott C 04/20/09 10:09AM

    Richard, I made the rim centers including the hub and lug holes. Thanks for the post.

    Reviewed by: Joe L 02/01/09 06:42PM

    what kind of mods have to be done to add a solid axle?

    Reviewed by: Scott C 02/03/09 05:13AM

    Joe, All of the 4 link suspension was fabricated except the spring towers. They are stock. I am finishing the upper track bar mount. After that I will dissasemble everything, clean & paint. I'll post some pics of the fabricated pieces as well as a close up of them installed. Thanks for the post. Scott

    Reviewed by: Chris P 03/14/09 09:19PM

    goodlord!!! just looking at that bronco reminds me of that night that i thought i could handle just sitting in the passenger seat of your small little 4x4 mud runner, FUCKIN WOW! made me scream like a kid forced to go on the most freaky scariest ride at the fair! and that was before the head light even turned on! after that i was all about screaming for the ride to stop. so if your done building "cornbread" by the time tonya and i visit florida again i hope that i can handle the much bigger ride. thanks again for all that southern food and fun i had meeting cristy and you. and going over to jacks and hearing music so good it was like hearing it new all over again

    Reviewed by: Scott C 03/18/09 08:37AM

    Chris, We are glad you had a good time. Next time you come down we will take "Cornbread" to the Everglades to see all the gators you want. I still have not seen your Bronco posted yet. Hope all is well.

    Reviewed by: Shawn M 03/23/09 09:21PM

    If i get the money I plan to get the truck. When i get it you can come up and help me work on it. That four link is sweet. money is not on the tree right now untill the summer. 2 weeks I cant wait. From 30-06

    Reviewed by: Matt L 03/26/09 12:39PM

    can you make me a lift like that and how much

    Reviewed by: Kevin K 04/02/09 10:04AM

    SICK! All I can say. What kind of wheels you have on there? And why did you choose the solid one peice wheel?

    Reviewed by: Scott C 04/07/09 11:07AM

    Matt, what model vehicle and axle are you using? Give some more info and I can give you a price.

    Reviewed by: Scott C 04/07/09 11:14AM

    Kevin, The rims are 15x24 and I made the centers for them. They are solid because most people use a thicker steel plate when making buggy rims. This allows them to cut holes or designs. I chose to go with 3/8 plate(to keep the wieght down) and kept them solid for strength. The rims are originally ment for tractors. They have a really wide grooved area for the bead to seat on.

    Reviewed by: Richard A 04/19/09 07:56AM

    wow man or girl (your daughters truck!?) sick 4 link set up. were did you get the wheels? who puts the holes in them for the lugs and hub?

    Reviewed by: Eric B 04/22/09 03:14PM

    nice looking ride , take look at my truck tell me what would you do to fix it up its posted it is the 1977 step-side called big red in nc

    Reviewed by: Yo M 05/04/09 12:20PM

    I think your BRONCO is SEXY!!!! Can I ride??

    Reviewed by: Shawn M 06/04/09 11:31PM

    the summer job turned me down but looking im going to wait to get a truck i got the mustang. i looked over it and it need the makeover.

    Reviewed by: Shawn M 07/22/09 07:17AM

    got anything done since the 4th. 30-06

    Reviewed by: Richard G 10/09/09 04:43PM

    i have a 88 how much rear quarter was removed when you installed the bushwaker cutouts