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    Not For Sale

    Ben G

    • Year:1990
    • Make:Ford
    • Model:F-150

    Engine : 1987 350-TBI CHEVROLET small block-out of 87 1/2 ton chevy - this truck is a 1990 bodystyle

    Drivetrain : Mostly stock, transfer case, motor, and tranny out of 87 chevy, gearing is stock, probably 3.73's

    Transmission : no info

    VIN : no info

    Its a 1990 GMC Sierra 2500, torsion bars are cranked up some in the front to level it out, has 265 Kumho AT's, next tires will be 285 MT's. It has new 2-1/4inch true dual exhaust with glasspacks, into 3-1/2inch stainless tips.

    Comments (9)

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    Reviewed by: Blake S 10/30/08 09:09PM

    Hey, nice truck, even though its a GMC and this is a FORD site. Do you by chance know where I can get a front end for a truck like that? One of my friends trucks needs a new front end because his rattles sometimes. Its also a GMC.

    Reviewed by: Jim S 11/05/08 07:56PM

    Hey, your truck looks decent but...Common man, like previously said its a Ford site. That Jeep is fricken awesome man!! Even though it isnt Ford, that thing is MEANN!!! P.S. I didn't know they put factory lifts on trucks your year??

    Reviewed by: Ben G 11/05/08 08:00PM

    ya i know shes a gmc, the kid who left the first comment is one of my buddies, and thats his jeep...this is probably the best sight i could find to put pics. of my truck on though so thats why i got em' on here, but thanks!

    Reviewed by: Jim S 11/08/08 08:25PM

    Ok, I wont give you anymore crap now since you like the site so much. Bud, I do have to ask you though, How much of a lift did they put on those trucks from the factory? I didnt know it was an option from the factory.

    Reviewed by: Alan C 05/16/09 08:47AM

    Please send your GMC to a site that is not dedicated to Fords. Thats just wrong!!!! p.s. I'll give you $38.00 for it, just sayn.

    Reviewed by: Jacob T 05/19/09 12:26PM

    this is a ford site NO CHEVS

    Reviewed by: Shawn M 06/05/09 10:40PM

    your selling your gmc to buy a real truck a ford

    Reviewed by: Ben G 07/05/09 10:24PM

    its not a chevy its a gmc, and im not actually selling....i wouldnt sell a good quality truck!!

    Reviewed by: Adam D 08/04/09 07:32PM

    if your not selling it dont post it to be selling and if u ain't lookin to stir shit don't come to a ford site!!!