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    Ben S

    • Year:1973
    • Make:Ford
    • Model:F-150

    Engine : 466 Super Cobra Jet

    Drivetrain : T4, NP205, Dana 44 Front w/ Detroit Locker, Ford 9" Rear w/ Detroit Locker.

    Transmission : no info

    VIN : no info

    Needs paint, a C6 and more suspension travel. As you can see, paint is a low priority. Thanks for looking! -Ben

    Comments (11)

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    Reviewed by: Larry S 03/25/08 11:30AM

    Sweet truck! Must be very fast. What do you estimate the HP of the Cobra Jet? Larry

    Reviewed by: Blane P 03/29/08 10:49AM

    I'm not going to lie thats pretty cool

    Reviewed by: Davis S 04/06/08 06:27PM

    Though you say paint is a low priority. Your already starting on the sand blasting...tho you don't always need to do that you still are...ha

    Reviewed by: Shane R 04/07/08 04:41PM

    This is a very fast truck! Can't wait to run with you in Pismo. Take care Ben!

    Reviewed by: Ben S 04/07/08 06:49PM

    Larry: I estimate the HP on the SCJ at about 10HP less than your 460 (and 100HP less than your 502 chevy). Which means you should beat me every time we run together. I'll still give it a good try though. Blane: It didn't throw sand like that until I put the Big Block in it. Now it will do that at-will. With the 351 I had to have the R's in the sweet spot to run a dune. This one pulls from the bottom up (and throws a ton of dirt in the process). Davis: haha...I guess I am sand blasting it pretty good. Sand gets everywhere (but so far it has stopped at the airfilter and the seals). Shane: I just saw your 73! I can't believe it's the same truck! Great job on it! Thanks for the comments!

    Reviewed by: Larry S 04/10/08 09:00PM

    Hey Ben, You are too funny. I would say you have 150 HP more than my slightly modified 460 and 50 HP more than my 454 Bronco LS6 I have run with you before and you have one fast truck and you know how to drive. You can put on one spectacular show. Keep up the good work Larry

    Reviewed by: Larry S 04/14/08 06:13PM

    Ben, You have the ultimate sleeper. The truck is very clean and straight but who would guess you are running an $7,000 build Cobra Jet 460. Larry

    Reviewed by: Larry S 04/20/08 09:53PM

    I like the picture of your truck parked on the beach. Just looks mean and all business. Just like it is. Larry

    Reviewed by: Larry S 08/14/12 08:55PM

    5 stars. Perfect rating. good work Larry

    Reviewed by: Gunnar H 08/25/12 09:35PM

    Thanks for my new desktop background! haha Awesome ride!

    Reviewed by: Larry S 10/01/12 07:38PM

    Hey Ben, You have the hotest rig in our four wheel drive Pismo group. Lets post some of those action shots. Larry aka Dad