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    Josh T

    • Year:1996
    • Make:Ford
    • Model:Bronco

    Engine : 302

    Drivetrain : no info

    Transmission : no info

    VIN : no info

    1996 Ford Bronco

    3 inch body lift with 35's

    Flowmaster exhaust

    More to come soon

    Comments (33)

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    Reviewed by: Stacie B 11/07/07 10:21AM

    Is this yours Josh? I'm assuming it is I remember u told me it was blue and white and this one is new on here. Finally u put your pics up!! It's nice!!! What kind of tires do u have? And whats up with the one that got away? I want mine like that! what size tires and lift on it?

    Reviewed by: Josh T 11/07/07 04:16PM

    yeah the blue and white one is mine i have 35's mickey thompson baja claw radials. the red one has a 6 inch suspension and 3 inch body with 39.5 Irocks

    Reviewed by: Stacie B 11/09/07 08:49PM

    o ok, Whos truck is the red one? U wanted to buy that one? What r u doing this weekend? Anything exciting going on in va beach?

    Reviewed by: Josh T 11/10/07 06:01PM

    yeah i wanted to buy that one i liked it alot but its sold im working and chillin what are you doing

    Reviewed by: Stacie B 11/10/07 07:13PM

    O yea it's nice! I'm not doing anything either just chillin. What do you do for fun around there?

    Reviewed by: Josh T 11/13/07 06:58AM

    hangout with my friends and look for places to go muddin nothing really special

    Reviewed by: Stacie B 11/14/07 03:53PM

    O thats cool!! Have you lived there all your life? Have you ever been to that pet store there, i think its called pet jungle or something like that. Its the real big pet store with the big reptile room?

    Reviewed by: Josh T 11/14/07 06:14PM

    yep yeah its called animal jungle i have been there a couple of times

    Reviewed by: Stacie B 11/15/07 01:15PM

    O ok I knew it was something like that. I got both my snakes there. They're cheaper there than they are here. Do you like snakes?

    Reviewed by: Josh T 11/17/07 11:54AM

    yeah there cool haha what are you going to do next on your bronco

    Reviewed by: Stacie B 11/17/07 03:21PM

    Well I would like to get my seats done, I have a small crack in the leather in the passenger seat so I was thinking about getting some green leather like the outside color on the inside part of the seat and have the tan around it. Then I need to get a new grill for it cause there's a broken piece on it. I also want to get the pin stripes off the sides cause every time the guys come to wash my truck pieces of it come off. So I have lots to do, what about you???

    Reviewed by: Josh T 11/19/07 06:10PM

    i want a 8 inch suspension with 38's or 40's somewhere along that line. i want a eddie bauer though i have always like them

    Reviewed by: Stacie B 11/19/07 06:42PM

    yea its hard to find a good one i looked for a year before i found mine. U gonna get rid of the bronco u have now if u find an eddie bauer?

    Reviewed by: Josh T 11/21/07 07:10AM

    nope i will keep it im thinking of making it my project truck one day

    Reviewed by: Stacie B 11/21/07 08:58PM

    O yea I was gonna say, u shouldn't get rid of yours.Have you been looking online for a eddie bauer?

    Reviewed by: Josh T 11/22/07 05:58PM

    yeah every time i find a nice one on ebay or autotrader its sold

    Reviewed by: Stacie B 11/22/07 06:17PM

    Yep they are hard to find! Keep looking you will find one eventually! I didn't think I would ever get mine it took so long to find a good one. Did you have a good Thanksgiving?

    Reviewed by: Josh T 11/26/07 08:19PM

    worked then went out to dinner with some friends and saw a sick excursion and bronco lifted i was thinking that we should get some people together on the weekends and meet up and go muddin or something

    Reviewed by: Josh T 11/25/07 02:47PM

    yeah it was great my family came over the weather was so nice it felt like summer again how was yours

    Reviewed by: Stacie B 11/25/07 05:57PM

    Mine was good I went to my Mom's. It was warm we have such weird weather, but it's cold now!! What did you do this weekend?

    Reviewed by: Josh T 11/30/07 06:29PM

    where ever me and my buddies find a place to go a couple of my buddies go

    Reviewed by: Stacie B 11/28/07 04:10PM

    O really, where do you go? Do you have alot of people that go with you?

    Reviewed by: Stacie B 12/02/07 06:13PM

    O do you have regular places you go in va beach or you go somewhere else.

    Reviewed by: Josh T 12/03/07 07:27PM

    any where in va beach we need to get some people together that live near us and start a bronco meet or something

    Reviewed by: Stacie B 12/03/07 07:31PM

    Hey, yea that would be cool we could make a bronco club. I can't find anything like that around here. I only know one other person around here that has a bronco.

    Reviewed by: Justin H 12/03/07 09:29PM

    Hey man I live near Richmond and if yall ever get a couple broncos together I'd def be willing to make the drive....I'm almost done with mine now, just gotta get it painted (

    Reviewed by: Josh T 12/04/07 06:25PM

    yeah that would be sweet do you know how to post something up here so everybody can see it

    Reviewed by: Stacie B 12/04/07 08:38PM

    Hmmm i don't know, what should we put? You need to give me your email address so we can talk about it.

    Reviewed by: Stacie B 12/05/07 11:49AM

    I put a new picture up it snowed here today and she looked so pretty in the snow, hahaha!! Did ya'll get any snow?

    Reviewed by: Josh T 12/05/07 07:15PM

    nope all we got was rain heres my email

    Reviewed by: Stacie B 12/12/07 05:16PM

    Hey where ya been lately?

    Reviewed by: Josh T 12/13/07 03:26PM

    workin overtime making that money what about you

    Reviewed by: Stacie B 12/13/07 05:33PM

    O, I've been working and taking finals this week. I'm so glad this semester is over. I am glad the weekends almost here too. I'm going to my work party tomorrow night. What are you doing this weekend? Get on IM if you get back on tonight.