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    Not For Sale

    Karl K

    • Year:1978
    • Make:Ford
    • Model:Bronco

    Engine : 351 M original. a little old and tired but still gets the job done

    Drivetrain : original ford 9", C6 tranny

    Transmission : no info

    VIN : no info

    I bought it early june 2007 for $1050. in a way i got what i paid for, like completely destroyed brakes and tranny. But most of it is in near original condition, slight rust but no major spots. Just finished the tranny, brakes, and general cleaning. Getting 30 years of grease and oil build-up off the underbody of a bronco, its a dirty job. Next is a 120 dB air horn and straight pipes with 3in. stacks and rain caps. It came with brand new 31" baja MT's wich was really nice, so I'll probably keep those. Overall... I LOVE THIS TRUCK!!

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    Reviewed by: Michael L 04/15/09 04:08PM

    if you knew how much the grill shell cost you would not be ramming the front of it into a snowbank and just how do you plan on putting stacks on a bronco? by the way check out the price for front turn signal lenses here at the graveyard they are not cheap you should take better care of the front of that bronc that the most expesive part on it.

    Reviewed by: Cody T 04/15/09 10:50PM

    michael........he bought the bronco with his money let him do what he wants with it, maybe he isn't worried about the grille or the turn signals, maybe that is just is beater. and you can put stacks on a bronco...because i did with mine, you make it a half cab by taking the last six inches of the shell and suck it up to the back of the cab and keep the glass in. then you fab up something to go under it to seal it up. then i ran 6 inch stacks right behind it, and make sure you take out the seat. then it is like a really short-short bed just let him do what he wants

    Reviewed by: Donald A 04/17/09 08:51PM

    ya but i got a slightly dinged up grille shell for my 79 bronco for only $40 out of a junk yard and the lenses wouldent be much ether so its only costly if you buy the parts new.

    Reviewed by: Karl K 08/12/09 06:05PM

    haha, the grill shell is already cracked but i did add the brush guard to save whats left. and remember, "if it aint broke, you're not tryin"