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    Not For Sale

    William P

    • Year:1978
    • Make:Ford
    • Model:Bronco

    Engine : CSG 649 (Commercial Service Grade 300)

    Drivetrain : Dana 44, 9" Inch NP 435 and NP 205

    Transmission : no info

    VIN : no info

    This Bronco is in memory of my late Father Big Jim, a Bronco enthusiast who loved to ride shotgun with me rolling off the mountains during hunting season. A special thanks to Pat at Jeff's Bronco Graveyard for being my number one parts supplier, to Mark Butcher for supplying the engine and his invaluable advice, to Jim Watson (a Ford Gear Head) for his undieing relentless patience in finding all the electrical gremlins this vehicle was laden with, to Brandon & Aaron Early and Jim for laying the paint down on it, not to mention the gut busting humor that rolled out of that garage, the air is still green, to Robert Durante for his patience with Cad/Cam in designing the mounts, to Andy at our local D&D Napa who spent countless hours with me locating parts and advice as well, to machinist Jimmy Grier for his advice on the valve train and last but certainly not least, my three step children, a huge thank you for making this project a reality for me, a project I almost gave up on especially after getting injured. This is an incredible vehicle I will surely take to my grave. Thank You....

    Specifications: 1978 Bronco, New 300 CID Commercial Grade inline 300 I/6 , Dana 44 with Detroit Truetrac 4:10 Ratio, 9 Inch Detroit Truetrac with 4.11, Military paint supplied by Army Jeep Parts, New Process 435 Tranny, New Process 205 T-Case, Luk Clutch, JBL Sound System with Bazooka tube. 31x10.50x15 BFG's with 4.11 gears on the 9 inch and 4.10's on the Dana 44. This Bronco is NOT for sale, and i'm just getting started. Party on Mud Slingin Bronco Blood Brothers.

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    Reviewed by: Evan F 03/14/14 01:44PM

    That is a AWESOME! looking Bronco How hard was it to find a 300 C.I. Like that? I might do that to my 88 Bronco VERY NICE Looking Bronco

    Reviewed by: William P 03/18/14 07:51PM

    Hi Evan, thanks for the comment. I got lucky on finding that engine, it was sitting in the back f a mechanics garage since 1992 still on the crate. It is an incredible engine, but has a few differences from the 300 I/6 that went into the automotive line, such as different cast on the block and head, and steel timing gears, not the nylon ones. The valve train is identical, as is the duration of the cam. This engine will run forever. One thing to be aware of in doing a conversion like this, if you have the same size tires as I do, which is 3 inches taller than the originals, and you have the NP 435 tranny, you will need to re-gear the rear ends. When you shift into 4th, the gear ratio goes 1:1 and she will fall on her face on any type of hill. I wanted 3.73's, but all that can be had is a 3.70 for the 9 inch, and 3.73 for the 44. This can be done, but instead of the rear pushing the front a bit, I wanted the front to pull the rear a trigger faster which I think is better when climbing mountains and such. If you ever need any advice, feel free to give me a shout, been there done that. :)