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    Justin H

    • Year:1992
    • Make:Ford
    • Model:Bronco

    Engine : 5.0 K&N Filter, dual exhaust

    Drivetrain : no info

    Transmission : no info

    VIN : no info

    1992 Bronco with 11" of lift, 39.5x15 Trxus STS tires on 20x12 DC-1 wheels, everything shaved, fuel filler relocated to taillight, billet grill, clear lights all around. Soon to be finished

    Comments (25)

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    Reviewed by: Daniel T 12/01/06 10:56AM

    Nice Truck!! Very Clean but aggressive!

    Reviewed by: Doug P 01/03/07 10:47AM

    nice truck. I was wondering what the blue color on your truck is called

    Reviewed by: Alex F 02/06/07 10:22AM

    sweet bronco what color are you planning on repainting it.

    Reviewed by: Alex T 02/14/07 08:05AM

    this is by far the best looking bronco i've ever seen

    Reviewed by: Chris D 02/14/07 08:50PM

    sweet ride man i really want a big lift like that how much did that cost plus instalation

    Reviewed by: Steven W 02/15/07 09:29PM

    Nice Bronco dude, I was wondering...where did you get the clear corner lights (blinker lights). I have been looking everywhere for a pair of those for my 93 Bronco...Thanks

    02/16/07 10:44AM

    I just got mine on Ebay...they are the same as the F-150 ones, 92-96, they should have them at just about any aftermarket website

    Reviewed by: Steven W 02/21/07 08:25PM

    That rollpan is hella cool. Where did you get that from?? I've seen the fiberglass ones but not the steel ones.

    02/22/07 09:44PM

    Yea I looked and looked for a steel one, and wound up going to a metal shop and having one made up for me, then i just cut out the light holes and welded in a license plate box. It was actually cheaper than the fiberglass ones

    Reviewed by: Doug R 02/25/07 03:14PM

    hey justin it doug robinson i talked to you at target when you were working a while back . did u get those groundhawgs form matt jones? hit me up sometime so we can check out each others broncos or w/e and are you wanting a kandn air filter for yours 1804-690-9842

    Reviewed by: Jacob H 04/20/07 06:21AM

    sweet truck, I plan to do something like that to my 92-bronco.

    Reviewed by: Justin P 05/10/07 05:38PM

    hey man did u convert the front end into a straight axle to get the bigger lift ...w/b at

    Reviewed by: Bryan M 06/28/07 11:47PM


    Reviewed by: Nick H 12/03/07 03:29PM

    gonna look good

    Reviewed by: Josh T 12/04/07 06:22PM

    yeah if we can get some people together i will let you know thats a sweet bronco you got how long have you had it

    Reviewed by: Justin H 12/04/07 09:51PM

    I got it bone stock about two years ago...been changin it ever since..what all you got goin on with yours?

    Reviewed by: Jason L 12/05/07 02:44PM

    what did you do with the old tires and rims? are you putting that rollpan back on? its lookin sweet also i see primer on the front bumper, do you still have the chrome one.?

    Reviewed by: Josh T 12/05/07 07:21PM

    right now i have 3inch body with some 35's and flowmaster exhaust but i want to put a 8 inch suspension with 39s or 40s then for my motor either a 351 stroked or a 460 then headers and all that good stuff

    Reviewed by: Justin H 12/05/07 08:37PM

    Yea I actually got rid of that roll pan, I should be weldin the new one on within the next week, I'll post some pics..I sold my old wheels/tires but I do still have the bumper

    Reviewed by: Justin H 12/05/07 08:40PM

    Yea that maroon one on your page is lookin nice,is that how you want yours? soon as I get out of college I wanna drop a 460 in mine too

    Reviewed by: Jason L 12/06/07 03:11PM

    awesome, do you want to get rid of the chrome one? you are in orlando right? i think i saw you on i4 not too long ago. my email is let me know about the bumper. have you went to mudfest.? we went in august and are goin in feb. check out,,,,, they are all awesome sites.esecially chucks trucks, it is easier to get to it through the links on

    Reviewed by: Jason L 12/06/07 03:16PM

    i just seen your license plates say va, where in va ??? im from va beach, born and raised and now live in jax ,fl. if that wasnt you on i4 the guy has the exact same truck and wheels.

    Reviewed by: Josh T 12/06/07 08:17PM

    yeah but bigger thats a 9inch lift prob like yours 11inch. yeah i live in va beach you got a bronco to?

    Reviewed by: Jason L 12/07/07 07:19PM

    josh are you talkin to me? i was born in va beach and moved to fl about 12 years ago, went to first colonial high school. yes i have a bronco, scroll through the 92-96 pics and mine is the white one with the yellow kayak on top. my grandaddy owned custom body shop on 17th st and one on owls creek. my dad has some used car dealerships in the pembroke area and military hwy.

    Reviewed by: Nick L 02/09/09 05:57PM

    hey man the wheels you had on there b4 what was the make of them? i bought a bronco and they had no center caps , and they are the same wheels, ?