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    Silver Bullet

    Not For Sale

    Edwin D

    Engine : 351 m

    Drivetrain : no info

    Transmission : no info

    VIN : no info

    Comments (6)

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    Reviewed by: Michael G 03/19/13 06:44PM

    Beautiful truck. What type of wheels are those? Are those weld on beadlocks? What size?

    Reviewed by: Edwin D 03/20/13 06:50PM

    Im not sure the name of the wheels but yes there welded on There 20 inch wheels on 33 inch pro comps

    Reviewed by: Michael G 03/21/13 09:43AM

    Any chance you could find out? I really dig em man. What brand of weld on beadlocks are they?

    Reviewed by: Edwin D 03/21/13 10:30PM

    Yeaah no problem ill try to find out Actually man ive been thinking about selling em

    Reviewed by: Michael G 03/21/13 11:24PM

    I found them. They are KMC XD715's.

    Reviewed by: Edwin D 03/22/13 10:25AM

    Okaay, yeahh i found them on craigslist i think i paid 250 if i remember . There were brand new