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    Not For Sale

    Melissa W

    • Year:1979
    • Make:Ford
    • Model:Bronco

    Engine : 400

    Drivetrain : no info

    Transmission : C6

    VIN : no info

    1979 Ford Bronco Ranger XLT
    Just rebuilt 400. Bored 30 over, Rv comp cam, new edelbrock 600 cfm carb, new edelbrock manifold, new MSD ready 2 run distributor, Blaster 2 coil and wires. New water pump, fuel pump, new master cylinder and powerbrake booster, New ford racing valve covers, new Headman hedders, factory A/C works and Cruise control works. New carpet kit and re-upholstered front and rear bench seats. C6 trans rebuilt and NP205 transfer case resealed. Re painted a brighter blue than original with blue pearl. Entire frame coated with POR15. New Flowmaster 44 series dual exhaust. Front and rear rollbar. New Toyo Open Country M/T 33x12.5x15 tires, 3" Lift, new ProComp Shocks.

    Comments (23)

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    Reviewed by: Gunnar H 08/25/12 09:30PM

    Lovin' the Bronco and that 400!

    Reviewed by: Melissa W 08/26/12 08:04AM

    Thank you! Do you own a bronco also?

    Reviewed by: Steven M 08/26/12 05:09PM

    Very awesome Bronco! Someday hopefully my 400 will look that nice haha

    Reviewed by: Melissa W 08/26/12 10:03PM

    @Steven thanks! It's nice to know i'm not the only one that likes the 400. I'm not going to lie I have had alot of people ask me why I stayed with the 400 vs 429, 460 etc. Thanks for looking and definitely let me know when yours is done I would like to see it.

    Reviewed by: Wesley B 08/30/12 01:18PM

    Very nice! How's that york a/c holding up?

    Reviewed by: Chris B 09/02/12 08:16PM

    very nice

    Reviewed by: Melissa W 09/04/12 01:56PM

    @Wesley its actually a Motorcraft a/c compressor! It looks like its the original, it still has the ID plate on the back with the manufactured date of 1979. :)

    Reviewed by: Wesley B 09/05/12 10:50AM

    Oh ok, I was wondering. I have a 77 Bronco and getting ready to put a/c back in it. Its just been a long time since I had that style comp. I believe the new complete a/c kits are using a different style.

    Reviewed by: Daniel T 09/09/12 12:30AM

    hi Melissa, was wondering what your 400 has for pistons and are the heads stock. I have a 400 in my 79 that i want to have rebuilt but was wondering also the intake model and carb you went with. Truck looks good nice job!

    Reviewed by: Melissa W 09/09/12 02:01AM

    Hi Daniel here's the part numbers for the edelbrock manifold and carb. Edelbrock performer manifold part# Edl-2171 Edelbrock performer carb 600 cfm electric choke part# Edl-1406. I purchased both of these through summit racing. As for the pistons i'll dig through my paperwork and let you know. -Melissa

    Reviewed by: Daniel T 09/09/12 10:09PM

    great! thanks for the information Melissa! those are the 2 I had been looking at getting. how do you like the performance after having swapped the intake and carb? also looking at the engine bay after pic was curious what you used as far as fittings for the cooling line that runs from the engine block to the heater core. my let go on me the other day and the fitting is rusted through and having trouble finding a suitable replacement fitting. thanks also for responding so quickly...:)

    Reviewed by: Jacob H 12/28/12 09:59AM

    Glad to see another 78/79 SAVED.GREAT BRONCO. Dont ever get rid of it you will never forgive yourself. Ive been there.

    Reviewed by: Joel R 12/28/12 06:53PM

    Love your Bronco I'm doing the same thing to mine now finishing it up.

    Reviewed by: Ben C 01/08/13 10:26PM

    Nice job buddy! Good work.

    Reviewed by: Melissa W 01/17/13 11:48AM

    @Daniel (on Sep 9, 2012 10:09 PM) I'm so sorry I didnt get back with you on the pistons sooner, They are a "Sealed Power" brand piston, 9.5 to 1 compression. The heads are stock. I noticed a huge difference just changing the intake and carb.

    Reviewed by: Melissa W 01/17/13 11:53AM

    @Jacob: I plan on never selling it, i'm way too attached to it lol. @Joel: I would love to see pictures of your bronco, do you have it listed on the site? @Ben: Thank you!

    Reviewed by: Terry J 11/10/13 11:56PM

    Great Bronco ! Just love it !

    Reviewed by: Ken D 11/17/13 08:40PM

    Building the same motor setup, what can I expect?

    Reviewed by: Ken D 11/19/13 07:07PM

    Funny you mention that. Those are the only two things I haven't bought yet. I already have the weiand/Holley setup. The only thing left is to drop the new motor in. I also have flowmaster 44, factory manifolds. Ill need to replace the but running out of cash. Do you remember the brand or where you got your failed parts ? Also, 180 or 190 ?

    Reviewed by: Melissa W 11/19/13 01:55PM

    @Ken: things to expect, limited options for parts lol for example I think there was only two different aftermarket manifolds I could get for mine, a Weiand and the Edelbrock I put on mine. Just be prepared for malfunctioning parts, I had a bad (new) thermostat that would only open half way causing the bronco to overheat and a (new) manual fuel pump that was bad. I replaced that with an electric fuel pump. Hope this helps, I'd like to see it when it's done, let me know! -Melissa

    Reviewed by: Ken D 11/21/13 08:46AM

    Now you got me scared. I read where fuel pumps have dumped gas into the crankcase... I might just upgrade to an electric set up. I really like your ride. Are you a member of FSB?

    Reviewed by: Melissa W 11/20/13 07:17AM

    Yeah I have the flowmaster 44's on mine, you should check out their new super ten's though! My buddy put them on his bronco and they are pretty damn loud! I believe the brand of the thermostat was stant and it's a 180. I can't remember what brand the fuel pump is but I bought both of the thermostat and fuel pump from checker/o'reilly.

    Reviewed by: Melissa W 11/22/13 11:29AM

    Ha ha sorry about that, yeah that wouldn't be too fun to have fuel in the crank case, I highly recommend an electric set-up. I have been on FSB Forums before but i'm not sure if I have signed up for a profile yet, I think I will though. I looked at your pics of the engine on there, its coming along pretty good! Your Bronco is pretty nice as well, loving the black color!