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    The Great Canadian Bastard

    Not For Sale

    Ira L

    Engine : 302

    Drivetrain : no info

    Transmission : no info

    VIN : no info

    I was posted to Washington state from Nova Scotia , Canada. My friends here are into off roading and I always wanted a Bronco and the first chance I had I started looking around. I found this white and red Bonco down in Oregon, owned by a young man, who I must say appreciated the way it should be. I still hope he likes what I have done sense the purchase. All he asked for was his college tuition. The interior was/is in great shape, the frame is as straight as the day it rolled off the lot, he installed the lift and tires and he also built the bumper for his grade 12 shop class project. It is the 302 manual so it hauls ass when you want it to but can also be gentle on the fuel. I rigged the intake to be snorkeled and cold air by running it through the fender wall. I had to have the rear axles redone (when your rear abs lights coming on due to axle grease blocking the sensor you have problems) and the thing runs great. It took putting it in water and mud up nearly past the bumper to stop it, unless you count the time I forgot to seal the distributer cap then it took about a foot of water, lol. I had no idea how I wanted to paint it. Some friends said to go with flat black because it easy to repair, others said I should just go red because what else goes with red interior. Then one day I was at another friends who does not even have a licence and he said "well its red on the sides and white on the hood. Why don't you just stick a maple leaf on and call it a day." and so the only thing I could think of calling it was "the great canadian bastard" Hope you like it.

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    Reviewed by: Evan F 05/22/12 02:46PM

    SWEET Bronco That thing is NISE

    Reviewed by: Ira L 05/23/12 10:00PM

    Thanks Evan, still more to do and will keep updates coming always open to ideas