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    Dream Bronco

    Not For Sale

    Jud M

    • Year:1967
    • Make:Ford
    • Model:Bronco

    Engine : Coyote 5.0L

    Drivetrain : 6-speed manual or auto trans

    Transmission : no info

    VIN : no info

    Comments (2)

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    Reviewed by: Brad R 02/06/12 11:27PM

    An ICON is your dream bronco? Seriously? For real... this truck retails for $170,000. For half that, you could have a much nicer one custom built. Like instead of having a bunk Dynatrac you could put in some crazy Spidertrax Diffs/Axles that are indistructable and turn on a dime, put in a 4link rear/3link front with King coil-overs, stick a brand new Ford eco-boost engine with 420hp and still 30+mpg, an Atlas 3 or B-box, a custom made frame that would be much stronger than this frame, all custom interior, custom made bumpers and roll bars, a top of the line winch.... etc etc. Anyone that knows his head from his arse would never pay that kind of money for a truck like that. Its a $50,000 truck at best. Like call Blue Torch Fab or one of 100 other custom shops out there that specialize in off-road stuff and they would build a truck that would kill this. $170,000.... I can't even imagine the crazy shit they could put together with that much money for a project. It would be on the cover of every magazine out there.

    Reviewed by: Jud M 02/07/12 02:42AM

    Dude...did I say anywhere that I wanted an ICON? I posted a cool looking pic as a placeholder and nothing more. I totally agree that they are way overpriced and for much less money I can have a great ride. Thanks for the ideas though. :-)