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    Bitchin Bronco

    Not For Sale

    Tom R

    Engine : no info

    Drivetrain : no info

    Transmission : no info

    VIN : no info

    Bronco Ranger XLT, Half cab conversion. 472ci, 4.56 gears

    Comments (12)

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    Reviewed by: Ron D 11/23/11 12:06PM

    Beautiful ride!!!

    Reviewed by: Ron D 11/23/11 12:06PM

    BTW It's BrO-J

    Reviewed by: Jarrod T 11/24/11 07:58AM

    beautiful truck man

    Reviewed by: Gunnar H 12/05/11 02:20PM

    Greatest looking paint scheme I've ever seen on a Bronco!

    Reviewed by: Tom R 12/05/11 11:03PM

    Hey Bro-J thanks Bud! Thanks Jarrod! Thanks Gunnar!

    Reviewed by: Erick M 01/06/12 04:08PM

    how did you do that back window any photos" i want to do the same with my 79

    Reviewed by: Tom R 01/06/12 11:16PM

    Erick, It was made by Creative Products which are out of business. I have seen one on the clasifieds here a few month's ago and on Ebay. Do a google search for them and you can find out more info!

    Reviewed by: Jeremy W 05/09/14 09:17AM

    where did u get the hood scoop from I am looking for one for my 79 bronco please e-mail me back at

    Reviewed by: Justin S 12/27/12 01:21AM

    Absolutely love your bronco! Where did you get the half cab? Ive been looking for 1 for my bronco, but with no luck.

    Reviewed by: Tom R 12/27/12 08:50PM

    Thanks Justin, The Half Cab was made by Creative Products which are out of business. I have seen one on here on the classified ads this year, he also had it on Ebay. Do a Google search and you can find pics and info on them. JBG was going to reissue but I don't think it has ever happened.

    Reviewed by: Jonathan F 03/11/14 11:45AM

    By far my favorite paint job I've seen, really brings out the lines of the bronco! I've got a 78 Bronco on 46s and 15 inches of life with one tons. I'm very tempted to be a copy cat and do my paint the same! Looks beautiful!

    Reviewed by: Tom R 03/12/14 07:19PM

    Thanks Jonathan!! I would love to see yours sounds awesome!