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    Tod C

    • Year:1992
    • Make:Ford
    • Model:Bronco

    Engine : 302

    Drivetrain : superflex complete 5 1/2 system

    Transmission : no info

    VIN : no info

    I am just starting to put this thing back together it has been a year project so far. If anyone is interested I will post more Pictures as I finish it? I have a ton of new stuff that is going on every night. Trying to drive it a few times before winter so I know what I want to chnge or fabricate or do next. I am really considering a complete four link straight axle coil over conversion? Putting all the superflex stuff on my 96 I just bought as a daily driver a few weeks ago. The fenders and quarters are Glass Werks composite pre-runner hand made. All the chromolly bumpers and wheel wells tied into roll bar where made by me. I am changing the mesh in the bumper to a woven style and fabricating a new grile that looks like a RBP style. If anyone has or knows of a used or new supper-runner stering kit for sale let me know they are on back order still

    Question: Should I order red harnesses and limitimg straps to add some color or keep with the murdered out two tone black thing? I have another Bronco for woods wheeling so I am not super worried about that?? There are some sweet rides on this site and I trust your opinions?

    Comments (13)

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    Reviewed by: Ryan K 10/05/11 05:56PM

    where did you get that bumper?? trucks nice too man i can see where this projects going haha good luck

    Reviewed by: Tod C 10/06/11 05:59AM

    I made the bumper out of 1 1/2 schedule 80 tube and the roll cage I made out of 1 1/2 cromolly tube. The rock rails and inner fender support tubes are cromolly as well. I'm still waiting on headlights and tail lights I bought off the Internet and praying it was not a scam. Once or if they show up I'll post dome more pictures. If they don't I may be flying to calafirnia to get my money back. Lol

    Reviewed by: Ken D 10/11/11 03:03AM

    Hell yes we're interested in more pics. Very very nice Bronco bro and can't wait to see forward progress on BOTH Broncos. Seeing what you're doing with yours is getting me antsy to start mine. I have a 95 I just bought 2 months ago but looks like it will be around Christmas before I can start on it. I can't wait! I also have an 89 that needs a lot more work. My dumb ass parked it behind the house for a year next to the timber and mice got in it and fed off the wiring (I had no idea mice likes wires that much) so not sure what i'm doing with that one yet. Again, very nice Bronco!

    Reviewed by: Tod C 10/11/11 04:57PM

    Hey Ken sorry to hear about the mouse problem!! My next door neighbour had a custom SLP camaro conv. that some mice totaled out with his insurance company. There was not a wire or hose left untouched after one winter!!! Good luck on your projects keep us updated.

    Reviewed by: Ryan B 10/11/11 05:36PM

    More Pictures Please!!!! the body kit on this rig is awesome! and the paint is sweet! great truck!

    Reviewed by: Derrek C 10/18/11 09:07PM

    that grills awesome i gotta fab me one up solid broncy man

    Reviewed by: Ryan K 10/25/11 03:50PM

    i got the same headlights, i love them but took forever to put them in, where did you get that grill from??

    Reviewed by: Tod C 10/25/11 04:08PM

    I fabricated the grille myself because no one made one for that bodystyle that I could find. There was one company that said they would custom make one for $1500.00 so I decided to take the time and fab one up. Due to the Pre-runner composite fenders I had to make tube wheel wells so I made a new matching headder panel to mount the new headlights to. They where still a HUGE pain though for sure. The really update the look of the truck though and they seem super bright. I bought the matching taillights and a back light led dash from them as well and have been really happy with there quality. Did you get the led blinker light upgrade as well? I gotta order that now for sure!!

    Reviewed by: Ken D 10/29/11 06:27PM

    I will say one thing, your taste is impeccable. The lights, grille, and bumper, it flows well and looks very original. Definitely is going to be a one of kind. Look forward to more updates!

    Reviewed by: Ken D 10/29/11 07:42PM

    Also, i'm a couple steps further on mine. I'm a T-12 parapalegic so I had to get it modified so I could drive it first. Hand controls are 1500 bucks but I was able to use a set out of a Ford Focus. I had to fab new brackets and linkage and it actually turned out very well and I saved 1500. Then I fabbed a transfer seat, which is just a fold down seat at the rocker that I sit on to disassemble my chair and also makes for pulling myself in much easier. They wanted 1200 for the seat and I built mine with scrap I already had in the shop and my wife picked me up some fabric for the inner seat part. So total I have about 15 bucks in all of it. Very happy about that:) So now i'm shopping lift kits. Looking at 4" suspension but I'm really considering Air ride just for ease of getting in and out. They're pretty pricey so I haven't made up my mind yet. The wife doesn't know it yet but, she's probably getting me the lift kit for Christmas. I also have a 347 stroker short block ready to go. If I get the heads i'm planning to get, it will make about 450 HP. I don't really need that much but it sure is fun. I will probably start posting pics when I get the lift.

    Reviewed by: Mike M 11/08/11 02:19PM

    Nice Bronco for sure. What fenders are you running? Fiberwerx? 4.5 bulge?

    Reviewed by: Cameron Y 12/04/11 05:22PM

    Who did u order your headlights and trophy truck fenders from? Im fixing to be in the process of turning my 95 f150 into a trophy truck/ daily driver..

    Reviewed by: Michael F 10/24/13 01:38PM

    Nice Bronco Tod!!! Have a 92 myself, starting to fix up.Love what you did with the front end. Just ordered my Headlights,tail & third break lights out of Cailyalso but went with the standerd but smoked for all...Will try to post pics. but not a computer wiz, not sure how to do it...lmao