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    Od(d) Green Beast

    Not For Sale

    Jeff L

    • Year:1992
    • Make:Ford
    • Model:Bronco

    Engine : 4.9 liter (inline six) EFI

    Drivetrain : E4OD tranny, D44 front, Ford 8.8 rear

    Transmission : no info

    VIN : no info

    Formerly owned by the Yakima Indian Nation of Washington State. It was beat to tarnation on the super rough mountain fire roads on the Res. Now it's the fixer upper I never knew I always wanted, until I saw it on Craigslist. $850 running!

    Actually, I bought it because it WAS rough and figured it would be a good vehicle to leave at trailheads for hiking, hunting, camping, fishing, etc. I never really intended it to be a fixer-upper because I was going to leave it pretty crappy. But I just could not resist the urge to fix it up. Doggone vehicle upgrade projects are a disease, I tell you what.

    As of October 2011, it's about 75% restored. New front and rear black bumpers replacing the #@$!@ bent up chrome nasties, rebuilt BW1356 transfer case, rebuilt driveshafts, new exhaust with Magnaflow hi-flow cat and Flowmaster 40 muffler, DIY new passenger front fender, DIY paint job with Gillespie #319 (Late WWII Lusterless Jeep Olive Drab) enamel inside and out, interior tub and exterior rocker panels covered with black Monstaliner, 12.5 inch Tuffy security console II, new mirrors, Detroit Truetrac rear differential, new Cragar Soft 8 wheels with 31x10.50 Firestone Destination AT tires, new brake lights, SixLitre tuneup, etc. Nothing too fancy. Still need to black out some cosmetics, replace all the front lights (hazed and cracking), replace shocks, and rebuild or at least re-bearing the outer front axle. No, I'm probably not going to lift it. Already have a lifted Heep.

    Thanks to Bronco Graveyard, Amazon.Com, NAPA, Summit Racing, LMC Truck, Joe's Transmission in Pittsburgh, Six States Distributors, and Drivetrain America for parts, Ron Fitzpatrick's VintageJeeps.Com for the Gillespie paint, Monstaliner.Com for the awesome UV-proof polyurethane truckbed liner, Bonnie and Clyde's in Pasco for the new exhaust system, and Diesel Performance Unlimited in Pasco for the Detroit Truetrac install and set-up!

    Comments (5)

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    Reviewed by: John A 10/15/11 11:04AM

    Good for you.pls show your progress.

    Reviewed by: Jeff L 10/15/11 02:50PM

    Posted new pics from today. I'm about 75% done, maybe closer to 80%. Still have to put in the black headlight doors and all new front lights, black out the chrome windshield trim, rebuild the front outer axles a bit, replace the shocks, and replace that damn broken rear window.

    Reviewed by: Tc B 10/19/11 07:59AM

    Right On!!! Need to change your cover-photo so you can get some higher ratings and credit for your work (especially with the 'before & after'). The old hag really turned out be a good looking gal. Nice Work!

    Reviewed by: Ken D 11/06/11 08:35PM

    Very cool and nice work. Looking forward to more progress pics! Just got my 94 a couple months ago and am working on it as I get the money. And you're right....... It is very addictive. I love seeing these Broncos that look like they could very well be on their way to the crusher and then someone like you get it back where it should be. Great Bronco Bro!!!

    Reviewed by: Devon L 12/09/11 09:08AM

    Very Nice. Im doing the same color on my 78 Bronco =)