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    Not For Sale

    Ryan S

    • Year:1992
    • Make:Ford
    • Model:Bronco

    Engine : 5.8, Emissions Deleted

    Drivetrain : E4OD, D44 and 8.8

    Transmission : no info

    VIN : no info

    35's, 6"lift, True dual exhaust

    Comments (8)

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    Reviewed by: Ryan K 04/21/11 05:49PM

    was it hard taking the doors off? i want to i just dont want to deal with the electrical wires.

    Reviewed by: Ryan S 04/21/11 05:52PM

    I ended up just cutting all the wires, and taping em all off and sealed up good and shoved em back in the hole. If its a 91 or earlier, you should have plugs behind the kick panel, otherwise its the same situation as i had. The real set of doors i have now are all manual, i like manual locks and windows better personally

    Reviewed by: Ryan K 04/21/11 10:11PM

    yeah i have a 96 ill play with it a little well see what hapens. i really want to take them off though. truck looks good i painted everything black too mine looks identical but i have a brush guard

    Reviewed by: Ryan K 04/21/11 10:12PM

    i have more questions haha i have a 4 inch lift and 35's do your 35"s rub at all?

    Reviewed by: Ryan S 04/22/11 07:35PM

    To be totally honest, i bought the truck with the lift, ive been doing research into the parts since they never told me anything about it when i bought it. They treated this truck like marry poppins hand bag, throwing anything into it. Turns out, The front is a 4" rancho lift, and the rear is a 6" leaf lift. Otherwise mine dont rub at all, it has the extended radius arms that have a little more of a bend in so they dont. I havent driven it more than prolly 100 miles since i put them tires on in january. in about a month here though its coming with me to colorado (1000 miles drive from where im at in MN) and becoming my DD till i get my beater car down there too.

    Reviewed by: Ryan K 04/24/11 10:17PM

    Ok sweet yeah i have a 4 inch rancho with 35s too so mine well look the same. Iv been doing so much reseach as well trying to find what my truck might look like with everything on it and i finally found it haha looks real good though man not flashy or anything thats what i like. are you looking for a soft top for it?

    Reviewed by: Ryan S 04/25/11 09:47AM

    Not right now im not, im actually saving to bring it to colorado when i go down there in a couple weeks. After i get a job and get my self financially set to be able to buy stuff for it again, i am thinking about it though. before i do the soft top i wanna do a roll cage. Been super busy the past week between work and getting my front axle put back together since i twisted the u joints out and busted all the end caps and everything on it, new axle shafts, seals, bearings, u joints, lockouts, Everything.... The whole front axle on that truck, other than the pivot bushings is new now

    Reviewed by: Ryan K 04/25/11 01:18PM

    Man you got some work to do. i was just asking because i have a place where you can order them since there so hard to find and JBG doesnt sell the FASTBACK TONNEAU style. heres the link if you want to check them out....