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    Not For Sale

    Chris R

    • Year:1994
    • Make:Ford
    • Model:Bronco

    Engine : no info

    Drivetrain : no info

    Transmission : no info

    VIN : no info

    only bronco on 24's
    you can hate me now.
    no swampers,I keep it clean

    Comments (20)

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    Reviewed by: Deborah S 08/15/06 02:17PM

    Pavement pounder WEAK!!!!!!!

    Reviewed by: Randlee D 08/24/06 06:43PM

    It's about the same as putting a red satin G-string on a 400# sow Putting Show or is that Slow excuse me I mean BLOW CHUNKS Low rider Wheels and Tires on an OFF ROAD BRONCO It's Just NOT!!!!!!! the thing that men do PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Reviewed by: Matt M 11/28/06 12:15PM

    watch out for them curbs hoss... you might mess up your pretty wheels

    Reviewed by: Alex B 12/12/06 03:53PM

    come on thats not rite. stock bronco looks better

    Reviewed by: Bo T 03/06/07 06:59AM

    24" Is different look for the bronco, but it's sick! Keep it clean.

    Reviewed by: Jake F 03/15/07 05:20AM

    this bronco sucks. i aint no bronco man but this looks gay

    Reviewed by: Tyler H 03/18/07 04:21PM

    why have a good 4x4 and not use it what a waist. i feel bad for the truck.

    Reviewed by: Cody T 03/25/07 10:06PM

    poor bronco

    Reviewed by: Alex T 04/01/07 04:07PM

    your a faggot

    Reviewed by: Kathy B 04/20/07 12:31AM

    wow people r mean! Is urs have it ur way.

    Reviewed by: Joseph S 04/24/07 07:22PM

    WOW, poor truck. I am sure that is NOT what Ford had in mind

    Reviewed by: Robby M 06/03/07 11:57PM

    nice pavement pounder. are you mentally ill because 24's belong on escalades not bronco's.

    Reviewed by: Paul W 06/28/07 07:50AM

    Your a disgrace to broncos!

    Reviewed by: Paul W 06/28/07 07:51AM

    that poor truck.... cruel bastard...

    Reviewed by: Bryan M 06/29/07 12:29AM

    1st of all tyler the word is 'waste, not waist you f'n for the truck, it looks pretty cool. props to ya dude!

    Reviewed by: Drew W 06/30/07 07:06PM

    get off the site!!! have you got shot driving around yet? come down here to south texas... we'll take good care of your mistreated bronco!!! i'll give you $6,000 for it but you can flat bed it to me on rotors! you can keep that crap! ps. thank God oreillys dosen't make crome bronco tops...

    Reviewed by: Jason B 07/25/07 11:20PM

    did you have to get a lift kit or anything to be able to fit 24's on that?

    Reviewed by: Adam R 10/13/07 08:46PM

    dude that aint right you aint supposed to do that to a 4x4 you need to lift it and put mud tires on it

    Reviewed by: Caleb W 05/08/09 11:55PM

    That is really gay. You an off road american muscle truck and turn it into a piece of shit. Clean truck though

    Reviewed by: Matt S 03/12/11 12:15PM

    Why not put spinners on it? I mean, you are what you drive.