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    Skot H

    • Year:1979
    • Make:Ford
    • Model:F-150

    Engine : 460 Big Block

    Drivetrain : no info

    Transmission : no info

    VIN : no info

    4x4, SWB, 3 inch suspension lift. 3 inch body lift, C6 automatic transmission, on 40 inch tires.

    So far I've invested about $3,800, since I got the truck in June 2010, in repairs. The previous 2 owners abused the heck out of this truck and either didn't fix anything or jerry rigged it. The steering column was badly bent from the PO's pulling themselves into the truck by grabbing the steering wheel. Ugh!

    Honestly had I known what I know now I would have passed up on getting this truck and bought another one that was much less abused. Now I'm too deep into it to stop now. Don't get me wrong, I love this ol girl, she just had a lot of issues that I've just about got worked out. (hopefully!)

    Things I've fixed or had fixed:

    1979 Ford 4x4 repairs

    Front shocks - $110 June 2010
    Steering Stabilizer - $160 June 2010
    Power Steering Pump - $45 June 2010
    Power Steering Belt - $17 June 2010
    Radiator Cap - $6 July 2010
    Thermostat & High Temp sealant - $18 July 2010
    Glove box liner - $32.94 July 2010
    Gas Cap - $8 July 2010
    Steering Ragjoint - $15 July 2010 (bought used in salvage yard – broke again in September 2010)
    Transmission Fluid, including 2 bottles of Lucas, and Transmission Filter Kit - $60 July 2010
    Rebuilt rear end repair and back driveshaft u-joint replacement - $400 (parts & labor) August 2010
    New Tire - $120 August 2010 (bought off Craigslist but not mounted yet)
    Battery replacement - $92 January 2011
    Home - Negative Battery cable replacement - $11 January 2011
    Steering Extension Shaft - $265 January 2011
    Drivers side rear wheel bearing and seal - $156.42 (parts & labor) February 2011
    Replaced steering gearbox - $385 (parts & labor) February 2011
    Passenger side rear wheel bearing & seal and replaced broken brake hold down pin and clip - $187.89 (parts & labor) March 2011
    New radiator, new front disk brake calipers, new front brake disk pads, new master cylinder, & used side mirrors. - $120 March 2011 (bought new parts off craigslist)
    Replaced the steering column with used steering column from a salvage yard in Wisconsin - $125 March 2011
    Water pump, bottom radiator hose, and drag link - $128.71 March 2011
    Radiator bolt & nut kit, Door latch rod clip, Brake pedal cover, 1979 three volume shop manual - $58.42 March 2011
    Alternator belt and high temp silicone - $21.68 March 2011
    Water pump heater fitting, Hose clamps, Engine paint, Teflon tape - $20.22 March 2011
    Timing chain gasket set - $10.79 April 2011
    Fuel Pump - $29.60 April 2011
    Crankshaft key - $0.75 April 2011
    Transmission Modulator - $31.44 April 2011
    Inline fuel filter, vacuum tubing, vacuum plugs, zip ties - $7.46 April 2011
    Replaced both rear wheel seals (again), rear brake cylinders, rear brake shoes, rear passenger brake line replaced, put on front brake pads and new front brake calipers - $418.81 (parts & labor) April 2011
    Replaced speedometer cable, starter Solenoid, and new front drivers side brake caliper - $56.93 April 2011
    Had the new tire bought from Craigslist mounted on drivers front side. Bought new Super Swamper tire and had mounted on front passenger side - $438.00 April 2011
    New center grill and headlight doors, new H4 headlight conversion, mounting hardware, fender bolt kit, radiator shroud bolt kit - $206.00 April 2011
    New top radiator hose - $15.11 April 2011
    Lock set, doors and ignition - $43.09 May 2011

    Total - $3,821.76

    Comments (4)

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    Reviewed by: Brian F 04/05/11 08:20AM

    i feel your pain. i have the same situation, except mine is a Frankenstein of different parts.

    Reviewed by: Ian W 06/02/11 10:09AM

    wow nice looking truck

    Reviewed by: Skot H 06/02/11 10:19AM

    Thanks! A couple of weeks ago I discovered I need to replace the rear axle or at least the housing. The PO must have ran it with a bad bearing and even though I've replaced the rear wheel seal twice now, it still leaks. There is a groove wore in the axle that is letting the gear oil seep past the seal. Ugh! When I think I see light at the end of the tunnel it turns out to be a train. lol

    Reviewed by: Abdul mohsen A 06/11/11 09:31PM

    Continue the good work and save the 70's