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    Green Monster

    Not For Sale

    Brian F

    • Year:1977
    • Make:Ford
    • Model:F-150

    Engine : 400

    Drivetrain : 4-Speed Manual

    Transmission : no info

    VIN : no info

    ---SOLD-------GONE------77 f-150 Custom body/f250 frame, suspension and axles with 44in Ground Hawgs and alot of lift 13 to 14 inches total. 400 with 650 holly 4 barrel,Edelbrock intake manifold, full headers and rv cam. NP 435 4 speed trans and has dana 44 HD front and dana 60 rear . front has 5.13 gears with aussie locker and i'm not sure about the rear locker cause i cant identify it since i didnt put it in.

    Would be willing to trade for a 3/4 to 1 ton ext cab or bigger truck i can use for towing my landscape gear with.

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    Reviewed by: Leonard B 04/02/11 10:07AM


    Reviewed by: Brian F 04/02/11 01:47PM

    thank you. its kind of my dream truck. when i was as small as my son there my dad had a 79 f250 with 40's.

    Reviewed by: Skot H 04/04/11 07:40AM

    Nice truck indeed! I have a 79 F150 with 40 inch tires and wanting to go bigger. I've been eyeballing some 52 inch military tires that are half the price of the 40's I'm currently running. I just need more lift to get them under my truck. How much lift do you have now?

    Reviewed by: Brian F 04/05/11 07:05AM

    i did not install the lift but i do know it has 9 inch suspension and 3 inch body. with 52 in tires you are gonna need some offset rims or you will hit the frame when turning and bouncing. but i drive my to work so it has to be street legal. good luck!

    Reviewed by: Skot H 04/05/11 07:18AM

    Yes, the 52's need a 20 inch rim. Mine are currently 15 in rims. When/If I move over to that large of a tire I plan in getting new 20 inch offset rims. I really like the 71 and 77 grills. I've even considered swapping out the 79 grill for either a 77 or 71 grill. (if the 71 grill would fit).

    Reviewed by: Brian F 04/05/11 07:22AM

    from what i know 73 to 79 are able to be swaped.

    Reviewed by: Leonard B 05/06/11 04:04PM

    correct Brian 73 to 79 grills with shells will swap out

    Reviewed by: Leonard B 05/06/11 04:05PM

    still a nice truck

    Reviewed by: Leonard B 05/06/11 04:09PM

    I totally rebuilt the front diff of my 77 with bronco parts anda few o'reilly's to do the inner seals means special tool or pull the gears.I pulled the gears and set seals in slightly diff spot to get away from a slight groove in axle shaft

    Reviewed by: Leonard B 05/06/11 04:12PM

    72 and below has a different grill shell

    Reviewed by: Brian F 05/07/11 11:00AM

    yeah... i have to actually have a shop line up my diff.. i guess it has to be shimmed a bunch of different ways and no one i know will touch it. so its gonna be another $300.

    Reviewed by: Michael J 07/21/11 05:24PM

    very nice i got my dream truck just wish i had the tires to fit it lol its got 33s on it but i cld clear 44s no problem. but nice truck

    Reviewed by: Jim K 09/02/11 06:53PM

    The truck appears on the pic's to be a shortbed. Is It, or not??? Nice Truck. I have a 77 f150

    Reviewed by: Brian F 09/02/11 08:56PM

    yep, no doubt about it. its a short bed

    Reviewed by: Adam S 09/08/11 08:44AM

    wow i bet its a gas saver looks good i want mine to look like that

    Reviewed by: Zackary L 01/05/12 03:27PM

    Any chance u could email me i have some questions for my truck if u don't mind

    Reviewed by: Eric S 03/18/12 07:32PM