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    Not For Sale

    Chris B

    • Year:1968
    • Make:Ford
    • Model:Bronco

    Engine : stock 302 cid

    Drivetrain : Front D44 True Trac, Rear 9" 31 spine Yukon axles Locker 4.56, Dana 20 T-case

    Transmission : no info

    VIN : U13

    Original Roadster, 3 on the tree, 3 1/2" lift, 1" bodylift/mount with trimming, 4wheel disc brakes

    Comments (11)

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    Reviewed by: Lars J 02/01/11 09:44PM

    not gona lie, I love the color! did you do that yourself? (if so, with what)

    Reviewed by: Chris B 02/02/11 07:41AM

    Ford 2002 silver

    Reviewed by: Cliff C 03/13/12 05:51PM

    REALLY nice .. I hope to have one as nice some day.. a man can dream ..

    Reviewed by: Ted L 02/19/12 07:17AM

    Where did u get roll cage? Did u have to move seats? Awesome truck.

    Reviewed by: Mark F 03/03/12 05:53PM

    WOW thats sweet

    Reviewed by: Sean W 03/15/12 06:06PM

    Nicely done. Very clean.

    Reviewed by: Matthew A 07/29/12 07:51AM

    "chillin on the back porch" by far one of the meanest looken broncos i have seen. i love it!

    Reviewed by: Roy J 08/20/12 07:05AM

    What size lift are you using? Also what tire and wheel sizes?

    Reviewed by: Chris B 08/21/12 04:52PM

    The lift is 3 1/2" with a 1" bodylift. The 1st three pics from the top are 39.5x15" TSL on 12"x12" rims on the front and 39.5x18" on 15"x15" on rear. The next two down are 38.5x11 on 7"x15"

    Reviewed by: Chad R 08/29/12 03:58PM

    Is this Bronco For Sale. Thanks Chad

    Reviewed by: Matthew A 12/29/12 12:53AM

    not for sale is it?