Our next featured products for July are factory replicas of inner rocker panels for the classic 1966 and 1967 Ford Bronco. These aftermarket inner rocker panels, both right and left side, are the perfect choice for your concourse restoration. Made by Dynacorn, these reproductions of the original inner rocker panels are made from high grade stamped steel and are laser cut and precision bent for the best fit and look.  The left panel also includes an indent for the Ford sill plate which was used only for the 1967 model.

You’ll find these inner rocker panels along with countless other parts and accessories for any classic Ford Bronco restoration here at Bronco Graveyard. We’ve got you covered with the hardest-to-find and best quality parts you need to restore, rebuild, maintain, or service your ride. We’re always adding more, too. Check back next month for another batch of exciting new products only from the Bronco Graveyard.