Bronco Graveyard is excited to offer a hardcore recovery 3/4" rope kit from Yukon Industries that is made right here in America. This recovery kit includes a ¾” kinetic nylon rope, soft shackle, gloves, o-rings and a compact fine mesh bag.  The kinetic recovery rope receives a special application of polymeric coating that greatly improves durability and abrasion resistance, as well as adding customizable color that seals out stains and water.  The enhancements provided by the additional coating make this the most durable and high performing ropes on the market.  The 3/4“ rope is perfectly suited for a Ford Bronco.  This kit is also good for use on small and light weight vehicles up to approximately 4,000 lbs., and a minimum breaking load of 19,000 lbs. We also carry a Yukon recovery kit with 7/8” rope for mid-sized 4x4’s up to approximately 5,500 lbs. with a minimum breaking load of 28,600 lbs.

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