Last week we introduced our brand new Chrome and EDP Black valve covers for the 351M/400 and 429/460 engines. This week we’re introducing a set of Valve Cover Gaskets to help you complete the job. Part of the problem when it comes to leaks in your engine bay are the old-school cork gaskets used in valve cover jobs. Sure, they’re period correct but they can be deformed when you clamp down the valve cover which breaks the seal and lets oil escape. It’s hard to keep an engine bay clean and sho-ready when oil vapor is escaping and coating everything. These new valve cover gasket pairs have steel cores and are coated with a vulcanized rubber for a tight and leak-free fit plus they’re reusable! We have sets in stock for both Ford Small Block and Big Block engines plus sets for 351C/351M/400 engines and even the 360/390 FE engines. It’s only a slim $18 for peace of mind from dirty and annoying leaks that can ruin a beautifully detailed engine. Pick yours up today by clicking any of the links above or searching “10787” in the search bar at the top of the page. To see these and all the other new products we’ve launched this month just check out the New Products section.

Remember, whatever part or accessory you’re looking for, you can find it here. We stock hundreds of the best quality and hardest-to-find parts that will help you maintain, service, and get your Bronco or full-size Ford truck back on the road in perfect working order. And we’re always adding more to our massive catalog so keep checking back to see the batch of exciting new products that you can only find here at the Bronco Graveyard.