Every week this month we’ve been highlighting one of our November New Products to share with you. This week, we’re very excited to show you our Fiberglass Fender Flare Set for 1966-77 Ford Broncos. Each set comes with two front and two rear flares and are made in the United States with heavy-duty fiberglass construction. These flares have a high-quality gel-coat finish that can take any kind of paint with ease. They also come pre-marked with indentations for screws to secure the flares to the body, or with a bit of body work you can seamlessly blend them in. These flares are a great add-on to any truck if you’re like us and love that real old-school look. You can find our fiberglass fender flare set in our New Products section along with our other featured products this month, or enter 15725 into the search bar.

You’ll find these Bronco fender flares along with parts and accessories for any classic Ford Bronco or full-size Ford truck restoration within the Bronco Graveyard. We’ve got you covered with the hardest-to-find and best quality parts you need to restore, rebuild, maintain, or service your truck. We’re always adding more, too. Checking back next month for another batch of exciting new products only from the Bronco Graveyard.